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5 Tips to Renew Your Website

tips web designAll those companies that have a website for more than three years ago, probably need to update it in order to be at the forefront with what potential users or consumers are seeking; that´s why we today propose 5 tips to renew your website.

First, it is important to consider that people who visit a web site do not have a lot of patience and want to answer quickly and easily their concerns, questions or needs. Most users visit a web with a specific objective: to know your products, services or contact details to request more information if needed.

If you want to reach this new, eager and sure of what they want audience, you should consider these 5 tips to renew your website:

Attractive web design: is important that websites have good photographs or images that seem real to communicate more authentically their products or services. Design must be simple, clear and functional, with modern and legible fonts. But the most important thing is website loading fast, so that the user or potential customer does not migrate to another page.

Responsive: In the age of technology and smartphones, the design is not the only thing you should consider when updating a website. Today, most users get into a web through various mobile devices, if you are not considering a fully responsive website, the risk of losing users and potential customers increase as they only can view your site correctly entering through a computer. Besides the fact of not having a responsive website is now penalized by Google when it comes to rank your website among search results.

Precise and clear information: It is true that companies always want to show all their qualities, characteristics and advantages that differentiate itself from competitors. However, the abundance of text can often be a mistake, either because it can become boring for your visitors or simply because sometimes is more effective to generate some curiosity about what we do, that putting all the cards on the table. In return and from an optimizing point of view, there is a minimum of words that every page of your website should have for proper indexing and SEO optimization.

Take contact with your visits: Fourth, it is important trying to get in touch somehow with visitors coming to your website, because those who visit your web page today may become potential consumers or important customers tomorrow. It is therefore important to obtain minimal information from them (name, phone and email) to thereby generate a database and have the possibility to reach them out for future events, promotions, communications, etc.

Generate qualified traffic: If you want users to reach your site, it is not enough only having a good web design and interesting content. There are various alternatives to get web traffic: develop an effective SEO strategy that generates visibility on search engines based on selected keywords, implement effective Google Adwords or PPC campaigns to bring new visitors to the web and generate content and communicate your website through different media, especially in social media networks, which can also include on site ntegration to facilitate sharing content on both platforms.


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