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5 Tips on How to Choose ERP Software for Your Organization

5 Tips on How to Choose ERP Software for Your Organization

Finding the right ERP software is difficult to do especially because there are numerous options to choose from. If you check you will see how abundant your choices are and it can be overwhelming. When you check online, you will see not only different software brands but also various definitions coming from varying website. This only adds to the burden in the selection process.

Don’t be confused when you get different definitions and applications of the ERP software. This only shows how useful and flexible this tool can be. Several industries find the program useful in so many ways hence it’s hard to just give it one standard definition.

If you are exhausted running the business on your own then it’s time for you to know how to operate ERP software. With this software, you will have full control over your business without missing out on one area. The electronic resource planning system covers all processes involve in your business starting from the product planning and development, manufacturing, purchasing up to the marketing phase.

Integration of Electronic Resource Planning into the System

When you are managing a business, you can’t just leave your employees to do the job on their own. You have to know what they are doing and if they are performing their tasks effectively. It’s  possible to do constant employee check if you only have a handful of workers but the more personnel you have, the harder it is to manage them and their jobs but, with ERP software you can.

It is important that you understand how ERP software works so you will know how beneficial it is not just for small but large companies as well.

The ERP software will allow you to use a program with combined applications. It can be integrated into the company’s current system like human resource management and even marketing and sales. With all the programs merged with each other, you can now get one centralized source of data. In the system, all information is organized so it is easier for facilitation, processing and analyzing.

There are so many reasons why we need ERP software and here are just a few of them:

Reduces Labour-intensive Processes and Paper Works

Before people knew what ERP software is, they heavily relied on manual work in all aspect of the business. Everything is put into record and tons of paperwork is required. They need to file all these documents which sometimes end getting lost.

Another problem with manual work is that employees have to perform repetitive activities. This hinders them from being more productive and focused on other more important tasks.

Now, with the ERP software employees can process data much faster. Since everything is integrated, every department can have access to whichever information they need for a job. No more interruption because all they need is on one platform.  No more digging through piles of paperwork to find a single document. Workers can now generate more work with fewer burdens on their part.

Provides Transparent and Streamlines Source of Data

Information entered from different departments of your business will flow through one system hence you can monitor your business’ processes side-by-side, as well as how each department performs alongside each other.

One important feature of the software is real-time data monitoring in relation to your chosen key performance metric. This means you will immediately get notified when there  are inconsistencies or duplication in the recording of data. This feature guarantees reliability in every activity within the organization. The problem is addressed right away so it does not lead to more serious disputes later on.

Significantly Reduces Business Cost and Expenses

How much does ERP software cost? This is the typical question which I know you have in your mind. The cost actually depends on what features you are looking for. At first, it may seem high especially if your business is just starting but the benefits you get from it will overshadow its cost.

The program encompasses planning, customization, configuration and testing those are the reasons of those being costly. In the long run, as your business grow; you can appreciate how the software can help keep your organization run smoothly.

There are software packages which include options for an upgrade or after sales service assistance and operation assistance. On top of all these, some sellers provide free training to employees so they can make the most of the features they get. An automated and dependable system will alleviate your employees work. They can accomplish and deliver better performance.

Improved Communication Within Each Department

According to McKinsey Global Institute, productivity increases 20-25% in organizations where employees interact with each other. When you have this kind of improved productivity you can potentially increase your revenues and lead the business to a different level.

Lack of worker interaction may be the culprit behind flat sales. This could be the reasons why there are delayed or incorrect deliveries to the client.  This problem can be addressed when ERP is utilized. There will be better employee communication within the different departments because they just need to refer to one system, decreasing the chances of miscommunication.

Aside from your workers, the customer can also benefit from the well-structured communication in the company. They will get better customer service on top of the timely processing of their requests and orders.

What Should Business Owners Know Before Getting SRP?

Find Out the Immediate Needs of the Company

ERP has many functions but there are instances when you don’t really need all of it. So, before you go and get an ERP make sure that it is needed for your business. Some people are blinded by what they see on the internet and they can end up following the trend. When you don’t carefully examine this option you can end up wasting a lot of money.

Identify how much change you want for the current system that you already have. There are times when you just need minor updates with the software and it can resolve some of your concerns. Also, ask if your employees are willing to undergo further training for this change.

Adopting an ERP system is a long-term commitment and you don’t get instant results. It can take few months for the software to be fully integrated into the system and you might encounter problems with the implementation hence, you’ve got to be 100% sure that you need ERP before you make that big decision.

Create an Extensive and Detailed List of Software Features

Now that you have determined the company’s need for ERP system, the next step is to create a list of the specific requirement in the software.

Clearly, outline all the business processes that will be integrated into the ERP program. Also, determine expectations for a particular feature. This will allow you to set realistic goals because you know what the designed ERP is capable of.

Make sure that you consult with your employees and find out from them what processes they want to be part of the ERP and what particular feature they are looking for.

Verify if the software already contains built-in checks and metrics or if you will be the one to create it in the system or if you have the option to customize one.

Get to Know Your Vendors and Compare their Offers

Don’t just rely on a suggestion from a few friends. Exhaust all means to get all essential information that will make the selection process easier. Make another list of vendors that you are considering. Get feedback from people who are currently using the software so you get actual reviews.

Compare the different packages offered and prices of each vendor. Make sure that they have aftersales helpdesk so in case you experience problems later on, you can be assisted promptly.

If possible, meet up with sellers so you can have elaborate discussions with them. Before you enter into an agreement with them, make sure you understand all aspect of the contract.

Possibility of Mobile Device Integration in the System

According to a research by ZD Net, about 74% of organizations are encouraging BYOD or bring your own device in the workplace. This practice has been helping companies cut their hardware and service costs and at the same time increase their productivity. Hence, you should also think about mobile device integration feature.

Remember that not all ERP offer the mobile integration feature. Don’t assume and make a habit of asking and clarifying unclear information. Ask the vendor if you have any queries about the software.

Accessible and Accommodating Customer Support

Customer supports are the people you will call when you have questions about the software. They are also responsible for handling disputes if there are any. When a software company has accessible and accommodating customer support you will not hesitate calling them.

Find out from the company what day and time their customer support is available. Also, ask them what on-going services and service channels they offer and what their typical response time.

To give you a head start on your search for the right ERP, check This will give you an idea of what’s the latest software in the market.

Getting ERP software is a major decision that will affect the future of your company. Thus, only choose a trusted and proven software.

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