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5 Tips to Engage Employees in Mobile Learning

A trained work force is vitally important now as companies and organizations strive to compete on a global platform. Once human resources professionals become convinced that mobile learning is the best method of delivering everything from onboarding to upgrading skill sets, how do you persuade your workers that they need to finish their courses and take on new modules?

Here are five tips to help them get inspired:

  1. Take a mobile learning course yourself- It is astonishing how many people strive to set up mobile learning programs for others without any experience of how invigorating the learning experience is when it is well done, and how painful and disagreeable it is when it is poorly conceived. Take at least one, but preferably four or five courses. Study what seems to really work for you as a user, not as the course creator. It will be well worth the time invested.
  2. Consider how a mobile device delivers knowledge most effectively- There are many ways to learn, and each one of them is different. Consider how learning has evolved throughout the years, and think in your own career how you may have completed university in a traditional classroom with a professor, or you may have studied online. Each method of delivery has certain strengths and weaknesses, and one mode of curriculum doesn’t necessarily fit the other. How can the material you want your employees to know be best transferred to their mobile devices?
  3. Weigh in the importance of video- Traditional learning was word-oriented; mobile learning is more video learning. Children in grade school watch YouTube like it is an encyclopedia of all that they need to know in life. Get with the trend and consider more video formats for your courses.
  4. Consider your course delivery in two ways- Employees seek mobile learning options in two ways: they want to know what you want them to learn, and they want to know what they want to learn. The two are not always the same. If you can build into your bank of courses options for employees to take the must-know courses with other material they might be prompted because they want to know it, they will respond better.
  5. There’s room in all programs for variety of delivery methods- Just because you are delivering some of your learning materials for mobile devices doesn’t mean it has to be an all or nothing scenario. You may still find that classroom-style courses work better for certain demonstrations. Don’t feel as if you are behind the times if you don’t adopt just one method and stick to it. There are practical reasons for having a variety of options for learning, and these include course content and technical skill of employees.
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