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5 Tips to choose a right VPN Service to secure your online privacy

The global online threats have taken a toll on an individual’s privacy like no other. Whatever information you share over the internet can become susceptible to online attacks because hackers are always on the lookout for weak links. They sneak into your devices and steal personal information whenever they hit upon a chance. In today’s world, where online security and privacy has become a major concern for the online users, the need for certain technical measures and privacy tools has become vital. One such privacy tool is a VPN Service.

What is a VPN Service?

A virtual private network or a VPN service is basically a privacy tool that has been designed to protect your online privacy and to keep your data protected at all times. A VPN acts as a secure tunnel between your electronic device and your internet connectionso that you can remain anonymous on the internet and don’t allow anybody to keep a track of your online activity.It hides your IP address and your current location from everyone including your ISP. If we talk about the best vpn service, then FalcoVPN is worth mentioning. Not only it is free but also keeps your online activity risk-free and protected.

In fact, you will come across numerous VPN services on the internet – both free and paid. If you haven’t tried out a VPN service earlier then you must opt for a free VPN option. After you’ve experienced it and feels satisfied, go ahead to buy the paid version of the VPN Service. Selecting a free VPN can be a wise decision in the beginning. However, choosing a VPN, be it free or paid, can be a tricky decision for you to make. If you have zero knowledge of a VPN service or have the basic know-how of internet technology, then selecting a VPN service can be a tough decision for you. But you do not need to worry. In this post, we will be sharing some tips on how to choose a right VPN service for yourself.

Tips for Choosing a Right VPN Service

Check out some of the useful tips below for how to choose a right VPN service for your needs.

1.      Check Its Business Model

Most of the VPN providers, especially if they’re quite popular among the users, require a lot of money to keep them running as such services are quite costly. Some of the VPN services offer free versions to the users as a marketing technique so they can try out the service and get accustomed to it. Once users get used to the service, they are enticed to buy the paid version no matter how costly it is. This is the usual business model of every other VPN provider. However, there are a few who sell user’s personal data without their consent to the third parties such as government surveillance, marketing agencies, etc., to earn money. Now this will surely compromise your online privacy. Therefore, you need to make sure that you do know what business model your VPN provider is following before you select a VPN service for yourself.

2.      Keeps Logs or Not

We shift towards using a VPN service because we want complete internet freedom and online anonymity. We do not want our ISP to track our online activity. That’s the reason why we opt for a VPN service because it hides our IP address from our ISP and makes us appear anonymous on the web. However, there are some VPN providers who also keep logs of your internet activity and track your web browsing. You need to ensure that your VPN provider does not store any user’s internet activity. You can check that in the terms and conditions page of the VPN’s website or the end user license agreement, commonly known as EULA.

3.      Check VPN’s Capacity

Most of the VPN services throttle internet connections, limit bandwidth, and also restrict services. ISP throttling is the reason why you would turn to a VPN service in the first place, therefore paying extra for a VPN service just to get throttled once again is a terrible idea. It is always recommended to carefully read the terms of services to know how much data your VPN provider allows you and whether or not your VPN provider limits bandwidth and restricts other services. Moreover, it will be good to know how many servers your VPN provider has scattered all around the world because the bigger the server network, the better it is.

4.      Good Privacy Policy

People opt for VPN because they want to protect their online privacy and their personal data from online threats. With a VPN, they can surf the internet anonymously and protect their identities from those who might steal their data for fraudulent purposes. You should always select the VPN service that hasa strict no-log policy and privacy policy.

5.      Offers Secure VPN Protocols

A security protocol determines how secure a VPN service is. You should look for VPN services that offer multiple VPN protocols especially OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec. The best VPN provider will have both of these security protocols. Generally, OpenVPN is considered the best security VPN protocol but it does not work on many smartphones. However, it can be used on PC or Mac. For smartphones or tablets, you can look for the support of L2TP/IPsec.

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