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5 Tips on How to Choose Document Management Software

5 Tips on How to Choose Document Management Software

Any type of business, regardless of its size, requires tons of paperwork and reporting. As the business grows, more paperwork is required which means more documents are needed to be filed and kept somewhere for future reference. It is easy to lose your files when doing these things manually. Good thing there are document management software that you can find in which can help organize piles of documents.

In here, you will learn how your business can benefit from using the software and how you can choose one for your organization.

Importance of Accurate and Organized Document Management

According to a study conducted by Worldox, about 15% of documents are misplaced and an estimate of 30% of an employee’s time is spent trying to locate where this information is stored or placed. If you don’t have an organized storage then you can end up spending the entire day looking for a single document. When this happens, productivity is decreased and the workflow is hampered.

Disorganized file storage can lead to problems like inability to address problems at hand. More serious problems include missing opportunities because of failure to respond to occasions that needed prompt attention.

Other than the paperwork involved, document management affects the entire business structure starting from the top management down to the lowest position. Hence, it is important to consider the use of document management software for businesses.

Understanding How Document Management Software Works

Document management, also known as document management system (DMS), is a tool that enables you to store, organize, and manage documents that are captured using a scanner. These can also be used for electronic images as long as it has been processed with the use of the scanner.

Today, knowing how to use document management software is a must in any kind of business because it is one of the top requirements in the industry. With this tool, your employees can easily find, correct, and revise all documents to facilitate the smooth flow of business transactions.

According to OnBase, about 60% of an employee’s time is spent working with paperwork. If these records and documents are efficiently managed and stored, it will greatly yield a positive outcome with regards to the company’s growth and success.

The smooth flow of information is vital in any business. Information needs to reach the right people at the right time. When you use document management software as a service, the information is made accessible using a centralized system. It also allows several users to see and update data simultaneously. On top of all these, you can significantly reduce cost since there is no need for filing cabinets and drawers to store documents.

Aside from ease of access to information and cutting costs, there are other very useful benefits that you can get from using management software.

  1. Enhanced Teamwork and Communication of Employees

Teamwork and communication can make or break a part of your business. It is important to recognize that even if your employees are well-educated and are skilled at what they do, they still need others to fill in some informational gaps. This is why communication and teamwork are crucial in any organization.

Collaboration within the company, whether it is online or personal, has the capacity to empower a group. When teamwork is practiced, you are recognizing that every person in the workplace has the ability to contribute his or her knowledge for the success of the company.

With the use of DMS, there is a quick and easy collaboration between employees, especially if there are those located in different areas. Since the software allows quick access and easy sharing of documents, different people can work on the same project without any problem. The moment the documents are saved and stored, it is ready to be shared with other people in the department.

  1. Significant Increase in Operational Productivity

The time consumed in editing, sharing and tracking reports is considerably lowered with the use of DMS. The time spent going through various file cabinets and drawers is completely eliminated. Hence, the staff can now focus on more important tasks. They now have more time to work, making the team productive and efficient.

Picking the Right Management Software for the Business

Now that we have established the importance of management software, the next thing to do is to find out how to choose document management software. Different businesses have different needs when it comes to DMS. For you to fully make use of the software, you need to identify and make a list of features that you need. Basically, there are 5 things you can look at to make the process of picking software much easier.

  1. Recognize what your needs are in DMS.

It’s difficult to pick a tool if you don’t know what needs to be fixed. Although sometimes it’s easier to go with the flow and effortlessly choose what most people chose, it’s still sensible to assess what your company needs.

Start by identifying current issues that you want to be addressed. In this process, you can involve your staff since eventually, they will also use the system. Ask them what process of documentation management is taking much of their time. Take note of other software applications that you want to integrate in the new system.

  1. Look for software with simple user interface.

The user interface is often associated with the user experience. When the user interface has a simple aesthetic appearance and short response time, it often leads to a positive user experience. When picking a tool, you should go for easy-to-use document management software, allowing your workers to easily navigate through the system with minimal training required.

A sophisticated software platform with confusing and complicated user interface will only cause frustration among your employees. They should not be wasting their time figuring out how the system works. A simple and efficient document management system must have distinct commands and a clean graphic design.

When your employees have undergone the training, they should be able to use the system with minimal or no manuals needed. This is a clear sign that the system has a simple user interface.

  1. Look for intelligent data capture and smooth workflow management.

A document management system is more than just an online file cabinet that stores documents. It also serves as workflow management software in which projects are kept moving forward efficiently. There are DMS which offer project management feature wherein application of skills, techniques, and specialized knowledge are used to ensure the completion of a project.

With a project management feature added to DMS, projects have higher chances of being completed on time without spending too much. This also guarantees that employees work in an organized manner from the beginning until completion.

As for intelligent data capture, this allows the recording of data from various input devices. After the documents are scanned, the system should be able to logically remove and validate all data. Tagging and categorizing of the files will then follow, allowing fast retrieval of data when needed.

Most DMS claim that they have an intelligent data capture feature but not all are reliable. It is best to personally check out the system and work closely with vendors to have a clear idea of what the tool offers.

  1. Choose one with integration capabilities and administrative control features.

The current software you are using will not be put to waste if your DMS has vast integration capabilities. This prevents you from switching between different applications to complete a task.  The DMS should allow smooth integration of current systems so you can arrive at a comprehensive solution for document organization, communication, and planning using one platform.

Not all data should be shared within the organization. To protect the document from being accessed by other employees, administrative control feature is necessary. With this capability, you can customize permission for each employee. There are staffs with read-only access while others have more profound access like deleting and changing data.

  1. Take into consideration back-up and security.

Any kind of information in your business and those about your clients should always be protected at all times. Your document management software for business must have a sophisticated security feature that has rigorous procedures intended to block outside invasion.

Another important feature is the ability to thoroughly back-up all data. There is no room for mistakes in this area because the moment you lose any  document, it can slow processes in your organization. A system that offers constant data back-up to secure servers is vital in any business. Having this feature will give you peace of mind that whatever happens, you have a disaster recovery plan.

Using document management software can definitely boost different department functions in your organization. Knowing the different features will give you a leverage in choosing the right software. If your company needs an efficient data management system, then it is wise to invest in data management software.

If you want to know about DMS and how it can further improve your business, visit and look for document management software reviews.

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