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5 Things to Remember Before Buying VoIP Software

5 Things to Remember Before Buying VoIP Software

If you have a business, the best thing to do is to automate it and thenext best thing to do is to manage its communication lines. With business VoIP tools, you can achieve a high business status as you integrate communications and facilitate all your company and client needs all in just one phone system.

Imagine the hassle when your company simply relies on a traditional phone system that is not able to cope up with the increasing number of communication lines that have to be managed. You will only lose precious time, and more importantly you will lose profit.

However, when you decide to go for the best business VoIP tools to enhance the communication aspect of your business as well as to be able to save valuable time and manage customer needs in an instant, then you have power in your hands. With VoIP software, you will not only become at par with your toughest competitors in the market. You will also be able to project an image of true excellence.

However, care should be taken to ensure that you buy the right VoIP toolsfor your company. Mistakes are costly and you just do not want to have the allowance for the consequences of these mistakes. You do not also have enough time and patience to make corrections. Thus, here are the qualities of good VoIP software:

It should reduce the phone bills

All business VoIP tool reviews say that the best VoIP software for your business can save you thousands of dollars in your phone bill in the long run. If you are using VoIP software for your business, you have the Internet to back you up whatever happens. The Internet is absolutely free to use except for your Internet service provider which you have to pay. However, with your VoIP software taking advantage of the Internet, you can definitely reduce all your phone call bills to almost zero for both landline and long-distance calls.

Ideal VoIP software for your business requires at least a broadband Internet access like ADSL. VoIP tools using a broadband Internet connection will definitely decrease the monthly phone bill as this minimizes costs when it comes to installation fees as well as maintenance equipment and lines.

Another reason why VoIP systems reduce phone bills is that it makes possible the routing of calls not across countries but across the Internet. Thus, your long distance phone calls are simply not carried out on your VoIP system. Since the delivery of the message as well as the data does not require complex infrastructures and wiring that should facilitate delivery across geographical barriers.

Moreover, good VoIP tools for your business means an easy integration of your phones into the new system. This in fact needs only a small piece of hardware thus avoiding the cost of having to purchase new hardware. The cost-saving potential of a VoIP tool for your business actually means not having to spend much although communication can be made possible across private data networks. Aside from the savings, you can also lessen the workload of your network administrator since you can now do business on only a single network instead of having management of separate data.

It should manage and analyze calls

First of all, VoIP makes possible calls of excellent quality. Thus, the person that you are calling has no idea whether you are using either VoIP or POTS since there is but very little difference in terms of the quality of transmission. With VoIP software, your calls are much better than cell phone calls in terms of quality. Transmissions are also just as efficient as the traditional POTS connection.

As to the efficient management of phone calls by the VoIP system, configurations are allowed so that there is no more need for switchboards that are too expensive to maintain. The efficiency is also evident in case VoIP tools route calls to your cell phone whenever you are away from the office.

The multifunction system of the VoIP software is also essential in terms of facilitating communications within the company. Handsets with SIP or Session Initiated Protocol programs can actually handle both data and voice communications, such as faxes, voicemail, email, phone calls, Web conferences and many others. The easy plug-and-play feature of your VoIP software actually minimizes the need for a support team that should reconfigure the entire network whenever changes are made or extensions are added.

Moreover, as part of the easy management of calls by efficient VoIP software for your business, any good VoIP system has a feature that allows you to leave messages for checking at a later time as well as features that help keep track of messages through the usual busy day. More importantly, good VoIP software allows you to reply to and manage messages and missed calls later during the day at your own convenience.

Furthermore, every good VoIP system allows monitoring of calls and easy changing of system settings to reroute calls to various employees’ cell phones. There are also options to channel calls straight to the voicemail in case you are busy or away. Apart from this feature, VoIP systems allow easy analysis and optimization of voice calls and data to efficient levels. This is typically done by telephone systems like the Samsung Xchange.

It should allow integration of other software

The best VoIP systems for your business allow software programs like remote conferencing and email to be integrated into the phone system. When you have an Internet connection, you have no problem with your VoIP software. With VoIP software, you can take your phones and adapters anywhere you want to go so you can use the VoIP system in almost every location possible as long as Internet is accessible. Thus, this feature allows much flexibility when it comes to accessibility of communications.

Integration of VoIP software with USB phones as well as IP phones is indispensable. This is useful because this eliminates the need for microphones, headsets and speakers for the computer. The USB phone is connected to a USB port on the computer and looks the same to a telephone.

However, the USB phone does not have any protocol intelligence feature, which is naturally equipped by VoIP phones. USB phones need a VoIP application, and so this USB phone can be integrated into the VoIP system efficiently.

Every good VoIP tool also has been integrated and has collaborated with parallel applications. An example is the Session Initiation Protocol or SIP, a VoIP protocol which runs on a special application that can be easily integrated and collaborated with other applications that are related to it. These applications include instant messenger, email, social media applications, we browser and many more.

This integration and collaboration feature creates synergy and adds much value to the service that your company provides your customers. These applications could be anything from email voicemail delivery, contact list configurations, email voice call buttons, click-to-call website services as well as many others.

It should be future-proof

Future-proof VoIP software is one that has multiple enhancements that are applied to the system overnight without interruptions that can interfere with normal company operations during regular business hours. Reviews reveal that such future-proof VoIP software can maintain the good level of customer service.

An example of a future-proof VoIP tool is Hosted PBX. Hosted PBX has features that do not require any major capital equipment upgrade and one that can last through the years with only simple and minimal changes made to the system in case of updates.

It should be scalable

The best business VoIP software provide an easy and convenient installation process of existing extra handsets into the system without unnecessary changes or disruption when it comes to daily business operations. Adding extra lines to your current ISDN connection will simply require you to hire an engineer to do the installation of the physical line. Thus, if you have VoIP software instead, you can significantly reduce the hassle in the office and this would be greatly beneficial if the working environment is regularly busy.

If you are using great business VoIP tools, then they must be scalable. This scalability is important when it comes to business growth and expansion. If you decide that your company should expand its work force or will branch out in more locations, then the solution is purchasing a good business VoIP tool. This can really help you keep up with the difficult demands of the business very easily since you have only one system that can be used to manage the whole communications network.

If you are using a VoIP system instead of your traditional phone system, you can freely add new numbers to any VoIP system as you keep hiring new employees. This addition of new numbers will only entail minimal costs and system adjustments. Thus, your VoIP system grows without effort as your company expands.

If you want to buy the right business VoIP tools for your company, then you should choose one that is not only future-proof and scalable but also one that can reduce phone bills efficiently, can allow integration of other software, and can effectively manage and analyze phone calls. Go to and see for yourself their many suggestions on which business VoIP software you can use for your company.

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