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5 Things About an Email Marketing Software for Your Business

5 Things About Email Marketing Software for Your Business

Deciding on the best marketing strategy for your business could be daunting. You will learn here about the software intended for email marketing and why it is effective until these days. First, you will be given information on what it is, how it functions, and how it can help your business. Second, you will know the five reasons on why you should employ such marketing strategy. Last, you will know if there is free software that will cater to your needs.

What is Email Marketing Software

With all the technological advancements that we have achieved today, it is likely that you have heard of software email marketing from the internet, from your competitors, or the marketing strategizing meetings. People say that it is cost effective and environmental friendly and helps your business grow by the use of email technology. However, do you really know what it is and how it works? Information about email marketing is crucial for you to fully grasp the concept and functions of marketing software.

Any process that you or a company makes to send a message that is commercially intended to target demography by the use of an email is called email marketing. Any transaction that you do through email – may it be a solicitation, advertisement, request for donation, or others – is part of email marketing as long as it helps in promoting your business, brand recognition, and building customer’s trust and loyalty.

An email marketing automation software is a technological tool that you can use to help you achieve your email marketing goals. It comes packed with features that will allow you to have a deeper understanding of the statistics concerning your forwarded emails. It is easy to use and loaded with pre-designed templates among others.

What is the sense of sending an email if you will not know whether the subscriber opened it or not? How are you going to attract clients to open your message? What is the best time to send an email? These are only some of the questions that will be answered with the help of a software intended for email marketing.

Why Use an Email Marketing Software

Direct mail marketing may not be totally out of business yet, but it has its own pros and cons. Not every business owner could afford it due to the cost and time it consumes. On the other hand, most of the US citizens now rely on technology in doing their transactions, thus, giving you more reason why you should use an email marketing campaign software. Based on the study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 84% of American adults use internet as part of their everyday life. With this statistics, can you imagine how far and how many people your email campaign could reach? Check below the five reasons why top email marketing software is still the best for your business.

1 – Reach the Mobile Customers Easily

Email marketing is a proven effective way of reaching out to consumers who depends a lot on the mobile technology. You might wonder if there really is a need to send an email when you could easily send an SMS to all the mobile users in your list. Using an email rather than SMS for marketing has its advantages because of the following:

  1. Your marketing advertisements and campaigns will reach the consumers the way you want it to be – with the proper layout and everything – due to the large space that email provides.
  2. Texting may have its charges while email is free as long as you have an internet connection.
  3. You can reach other mobile devices even if it is not a phone as long as it can read an email.

Another survey conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that 64% of US adult population owns a smartphone, and other aspects somehow contributed in creating a smartphone-dependent population. In addition to that, a collaboration survey between Forrester Research Study and showed that 42% of the consumers open their emails through a smartphone.

2- Cheap Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Other marketing means like TV or radio will certainly take its financial toll to both the small and the big businesses. The use of email marketing on the other hand is cost effective and has a wide reach; thus, it is effective for all kinds of business – whether you are a startup or an established business, a small or a big business – email marketing will work for you. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reported that the email marketing advertisement is the reason behind the 66% purchase made by consumers. This percentage is even higher than the influence made by other means like the direct mail marketing.

If the above statistics is not yet enough to convince you, the following will certainly make you agree. The ExactTarget research shows that 91% of the consumers open their emails at least once in a day. Considering that the customers are busy and does not have the whole day to watch TV or listen to the radio, the email marketing software systems might even have a wider reach compared to other marketing strategies.

3 – Customizable and Has a Personal Touch

The best email marketing software comes preloaded with email design templates that you could customize to suit your needs. The same is true even for the free software that could be used for email marketing. Compared to social networking sites, an email has a more personal touch that could make the consumers feel that they are more appreciated.

The Marketing Land reported that a personalized email can boost the transaction as much as six times higher. Can you imagine how much this could bring in for your campaign? However, some businesses fail to use this important feature of email marketing, and you could say that they just missed the opportunity to have more sales on their part.

Putting a personal touch could be done by segmenting your contact list. Different audiences entail different message tone and design. You may want to put in a more youth design for young audiences, whereas the theme could be different for professional retirees. Customizing is also easy as there is an email software for marketing that features a drag and drop tool. All you have to do is understand how the market works and see how it will work to your advantage by sending personalized messages with customized design.

4 – Measure Your Marketing Performance

No businessman would leave their business to luck. Keeping a business alive involves careful data measurement and analysis. Email marketing software reviews show that the marketing software comes with analytic tools that you could conveniently use for the growth of your business. If you have no idea where to find reliable reviews, you may check Review of email marketing services can be found at their site.

With an analytic tool, you will be able to know the following:

  1. Whether your email messages have been opened or not
  2. How many among the recipients have unsubscribed
  3. What time did they open the email
  4. What links have been clicked in the content
  5. A sex disaggregated data

While it is common for software email marketing tools to have analytic feature, the reports that it can yield may vary depending on the software. It is to be expected that a free email marketing software is capable of lesser measurements compared to the paid ones. This does not mean though that free software is of no use.

The statistical reports will have business owners keep track and monitor their overall performance. It will give you an idea how your campaign is performing and gear on how to improve its effectiveness.

5 – Information Campaign and Local Promotions

Top email marketing software is also the best way to keep the people updated about the latest promotional gigs of your product. Do you plan to have a sale or give a 20% discount on the services you offer? It is essential that the consumers know about it! Besides that, encouraging them to use coupons helps a lot in your business sales. The study conducted by Deloitte University Press showed that online shopping of 65% of the consumers were affected by the coupons that they get.

Is There a Free Email Marketing Software?

This marketing tool is cheap, but you can also download them for free if you do not want to put out some bucks for it. Some of the paid software gives a free trial period that allows you to use their product for some time without any payment. This is extremely helpful if you want to see and know for yourself the features that are available in a product.

Free software and the paid ones have discrepancy in their features, but this does not automatically means that you should not go for the free software. You yourself should be the one to decide what you need. Evaluate your business and marketing strategies. Depending on what you need, the free software may do.

There are many email marketing services out there and each of them will claim to be the best. Trying every product available could be time consuming, and this is where email marketing software comparison comes in. You may also try reading for unbiased reviews that were given by real-life consumers.

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