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5 Rules Of The Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Today, most Internet users know that e-mail marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective methods of advertising. And it is true. The only trouble is that the bulk of people formulate their opinion about e-mail newsletters on inconsistent data, rumors, gossips and superstitions. Therefore, very often the most effective weapon of advertising starts to work against the owner…

We will reveal the main rules for the competent management of your E-mail Marketing Campaign and the effective achievement of any goals you set.

Rule 1: Own will

The recipient of your newsletter has only one way to appear in your mailing list – exclusively by his own consent and will! He must subscribe to your mailing list and, importantly, CONFIRM this subscription himself. These two actions in the mind of the subscriber leave a sufficient trace, so that later he will not be unpleasantly surprised. You can enter his data into your subscription list only if he personally and distinctly agreed on such action preliminary, about which you informed him in advance. But he must only confirm his subscription with his own hand.

Rule 2: Frequency

Many website owners assume that it is obligatory to notify their subscribers on a daily basis. But with this approach, sooner or later, all your e-mail campaign will turn into spam, and you definitely will not increase sales, but, most likely, only get negative feedback from customers and unsubscribe notifications.

You need to issue the newsletter with the stated frequency. The less often you release the newsletter – more likely the interest of subscribers gets cooler. On the other hand, it is not necessary to release a newsletter very often, because subscribers need time to master and digest every issue of your previous newsletter. Few issues are bad, many issues are bad. You need to find a happy medium that suits you and your subscribers.

Rule 3: Interest

You create and publish the newsletter first of all not for yourself, but for future subscribers, therefore the information in the mailing list should be oriented not to the company needs, but primarily to meet the needs of your subscribers in quality advice, useful and free information on the topic. Of course, you should not forget about yourself, starting from the sphere of your interests, abilities and creativity, but all this should be sharpened to solve real problems and meet the needs of subscribers. This is the only way you will be appreciated and trusted.

Rule 4: No advertisements

The e-mail marketing is not for advertising products and services. Yes, there can be advertisements, and, of course, there is a place for advertising and mutually beneficial exchange in the e-mail campaign… But to send pure advertisement to your subscribers is the shortest way to lose them quickly and cause a wave of discontent. Today few people subscribe on advertising. People are tired of advertising, so give them 80% of useful and free material and no more than 20% of advertisements.

Rule 5: Well-written content

A Guide to Writing Newsletters has listed these 8 important keys for a well-written newsletter. By following them, you will create a great content, and subscribers will always open your e-mail.

Well, congratulations! Now you know the main rules for effective e-mail campaign. If you follow them rigorously, we are absolutely sure that you will achieve a high response to your offers, strong trust, respect from your subscribers and as a result – HIGH PROFIT. You do not need to invent anything here – just use these rules and quickly solve your problems!

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