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5 Required Features of a Project Management Software

5 Required Features of a Project Management Software

Most of the PM software critics today cannot say it to you how frequent they used to overhear “if you guys just had a xyz feature we could be life time loyal customers”, but when they ask why you need that feature, there is an argument that eventually results in a conciliation. Even if the feature demanded is given another way (frequently more competently) or even if the required feature is just simple, it will assure you a quality performance to meet all the objectives. Essentially it is very rare that you might end up requesting to supply the required feature or engage to customizations for the client to send a result.

Frequently, good features are demanded because a project manager workflow is rooted in a group and somebody has been commanded to find for a software that supports that process, however if a customer uses our project management software, we overhear that procedures are naturally enhanced, and again we are reminded that RESTRICTIONS are important to efficiency and creativity.

So in advance before you rush off to catch that bullet software that works for everything you want to get done, read the top 5 required features of all times that your software tool for project management must have. Most of them may amaze you! And for more information, this is all based from the Copper Software for Project Management CEO so obviously our software must excel on these 5 required features, but the only reason is because 10 years in the industry has always reminded us these facts again and again.

1. Smart and Simple

Authorizations systems in a software and con authorizations systems in a software may be either be convoluted and complicated, or be limited and simple. You must require the skill to set 3 different access levels effectively. First, you must have your clients and low-security workers to gain entree only to particular tasks and not about your information on secure project or budget.

In Copper, they let their clients be simply at any risk, typically it is an “evaluation” some kind of a task where the creative assets that have been finished may be approved and uploaded. Second, you need the skill to provide an account manager or project manager permission to an entire organization or project (and all the projects of the company). And lastly, you will need some trustworthy persons to have limitless access to all. Be sure that this is an easy way of adding somebody to a complicated list, or limited and simple list.

2. Collaboration

A big project team can be consisted of 10 to 100 person, each are working on their specific tasks, having proficient knowledge in a dissimilar field.

Regularly, members of a project team are obliged to access the work of one another so that they may complement it to their own works. Meaning that it is highly essential to start a systematized and fast communication through numerous channels.

3. Documentation

You are not placing all your data of your project on MS Excel spreadsheets, right? We are proud to say that 88% of the spreadsheets you use contain errors? Take a look at every business procedures that you want an Excel substitute for.

Quick admission to your information

Holding all the gathered information to a complete project management tool tells that you may easily share the information with your group and use with just few clicks. You don’t need to change between numerous spreadsheets to discover bits of information.

When looking for the finest software for project management, ask businesses that have that kind of tool that enables them to manage and store information. Not all project management tool contains a customer relationship management (CRM) or demand automation.

One more underused advantage of collecting the information you need in a single place is comprehensive reporting you will get. More details about this on the next number.

4. UI

Trends do come & go: circular avatars, responsive layouts, and larger fonts. Do not ever become one of the persons who want new for just for the trend sake. Look out for the users who are actually cooperating with your company software, copper did, then the outcomes were gob smacking. Then they reproduced the outcomes to their actual usage data and the variations that are necessary became so much clear. In such cases, one of the most requested feature in their software is used only .02% most of the instances across their ENTIRE client base. The truth is they removed approximately like a hundred features from their fifth version product, but only 1 or 2 of those removed features have been listed as a missing feature (and yes they are trying to consider to place the features back if the documents supports it).

However, aside from documents there is also skill and instinct that should be considered. They are referring to resupply those features that your clients did not even know that they need it. Just like the new feature of copper which is pinning that lets the user pin and forward a project or task to the very important individual of this moment. There is no data that supports this system “hot potato” but all things in the documents now suggests its necessity, so basically it will stay. Copper’s UI is so careful to consider that they are at risk of being dedicated, and whereas the modifications will remain as data offers itself (and motivation too), you will know that they will always work to bring you the required feature that is PROVEN to enhance the processes of your project.

5. Managing the Budget of the Project

The bigger the project you will make, the more money you need to burn and manage. For effective expense management, it is not a choice to use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Budget reports

You are going to require a tool for project management that monitors all your project expenses and offers a quick and perfect reporting about the project budget performance.

The finest software for project budgeting provides its user a weekly reports and monthly reports about your expenses on the project and the total expenditures. You will also know when your budget for the project goes over.

To receive a quick summary of the performance of your budget, create a report about financial analysis. Some software tools for project management also allow incorporations with software for accounting so you will know all the data on your financial expenses that is related to your projects and the profiles of your customers without the need to enter an existing data again.

Dashboard for project budget

Make a report about your project finance using a dashboard and supply numerous KPIs to be seen on the progress of your project.

Add charts and graphs on your dashboard for you to get actual time updates regarding on your project. In order for the budget reports or dashboard be shared with your group members, set access rights to your dashboard, guaranteeing that the people on your group to have the data.

Automated invoicing and time billing

When trying to work for a company and you deal with numerous customers, you need the project management software to allow invoicing and time billing. You are required to monitor the length of time consumed on tasks, make an hourly addition rates to workers and collect invoices that accords to the task they have done.

Time tracking

Make use of a tool for time-tracking like Toggl to file the times that are spent on projects and make use of the information for your invoicing procedure to be automated.

You may find project management software with combined tools for time tracking but it may be available with a cost of other features that are important. There is always a chance to mix a solution for time-tracking to the software for project management to file your tasks and connect it to the projects and profiles of your customers.

Automated invoicing

As invoicing take the greatest time of yours, there is a good way to collect and pass a bill with just a small number of clicks. You may use pre-intended PDF prototypes and tool that immediately relay the project invoice to you. The best software for time billing will enable you to set up email cues for due project invoices and relieve your assignment.

Best project management tools cannot be easily found online. They come with various features that will satisfy your company needs. In the statements above, you will easily know the benefits of having a project management tool for your projects. Well the features vary with what you really need, that is why we have the list of tools for project management. You may read the review first then pick the software you need. You may choose between the paid ones which will give you good quality works and the free ones which will offer you the basic things you need for project managing.

It is good for you to visit and check out first for more project management tools reviews. holds a list of project management software that you may use in your daily projects.

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