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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Content Management System Software

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Content Management System Software

Content management system software is an application used to produce and manage any digital content you might have. Digital content is not only about articles and blogs but can also mean any form of content or media you might use for your website. It could be pictures, images, videos, music, audio, eBooks, infographics or anything you can think of uploading.

According to a survey done by W3Techs, 65% of all websites do not use a content management system or CMS. This software is so beneficial to website developers and owners that it is a wonder why a majority of them do not use it. You can see here why website content is very crucial for the success of your website. If you are a website owner or thinking of getting one, here are five reasons why you should consider using a CMS software.

Build a Website on Your Own Terms

There are so many things you have to know if you plan to make a website. One, you should know how to code. There are different languages that are used in making a website, and if you are a regular Joe with no background in website developing, then making a website might be out of your scope of knowledge. That does not have to be the case with this software. Here are instances where a CMS software can help you build a website even without coding knowledge.

  1. Most CMS applications are equipped with the editor What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). Even if you do not have knowledge of HTML, PHP, Joomla or whatever else they use for website development, you can definitely build your own website. If you are familiar with the application Microsoft Word, then the WYSIWYG editor will be easy for you to learn. This editor is just like a Word document and you can easily add graphics, articles or blog posts to your website. Not all software might offer the WYSIWYG editor, so be sure to read reviews of content management system software to know if they offer the editor or not.
  2. The CMS tool will allow you to edit your website anytime, anywhere. If your website is created by the best web development firm, you might not be able to edit the website. You would have to ask them to edit the page. With the CMS, you do not have to get the permission and expertise of a web development firm just to edit your page. You could do it on your own. You no longer need a middleman between you and your website. With the software, you will have total control over your site.

Save Time and Money

Here are ways that a CMS solution can help you save time and money.

  1. If you plan to make just a simple website or blog, you could do it with a content management system instead of hiring a web developer. By this alone, you could already save thousands of dollars from not utilizing a professional. Although, if you want a website that needs professional help, you should get one. But for simple pages, a CMS will suffice. If you look at the monthly subscription rates for this software as compared to fees you have to pay for a website developer, you could still save a lot of money. You could go here to know how much it costs to build a website in 2016.
  2. Using a management system will allow you to work faster. It has a database where your content will be saved. This database is separate from where you will lay out your site, so searching for specific content is easier and more accessible. With this setup, updating your website will be quicker. Thus, the site would be up faster and you would feel like there is no downtime for it. With the easy editor, you also do not have to wait for a web developer just to update your site. You could do all this by yourself and you handle your own time.
  3. Most CMS are hosted online. This means even if you are out of town, you do not have to wait to go back home just to update your site. This will allow you to work on your site as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Some software even allows you to use your phone to access it. Not every tool will offer this feature. So, if you plan to be on your phone more than your computer, pick a software that can be accessed using mobile phones or tablets. You can read reviews of CMS software to know about the software that has this feature.

CMS is Good With Search Engine Optimization

You probably heard of search engine optimization or SEO. This is a strategy done by web owners to make sure that their content is seen online. CMS software is SEO-friendly because the best content management system software usually has SEO tools integrated into it. You need not get a different SEO software for your site. This will also save you money. Here are some reasons why SEO is important for your website.

  1. Your content will be useless if no one looks at it. With SEO, you can be assured that your content will be seen. With SEO tools, you can also choose your target audience so you are sure that those who need whatever you are offering will get it.
  2. It is always effective. Even if the methods seem to be old school, they are still effective in the modern world. Unlike other strategies as seen on the web, SEO is proving to be efficient and effective. It also does not have to cost very much, unlike pay per click where you have to pay for every click your link gets.
  3. SEO can help with local optimization. This means you can target specific audiences for your site. There is also a rise in the usage of mobile phones and tablets to search for stuff on the internet. This has paved the way for companies to use new SEO techniques like optimization for local search.
  4. The SEO tool in the CMS will ensure that you are only uploading good and quality content. You should strive not just to upload content regularly but also to make sure you upload quality content. Posting bad content can be damaging to your website’s reputation.

You can check out SEO Simplified if you want to know more about this internet marketing strategy.

Integrated Marketing With CMS

Using the best content management system software will allow you to manage all of your marketing efforts in just one system. But before you even begin thinking about creating your website, you should already know what kind of internet marketing strategy you will use to promote your site. Here are internet marketing tools you can use under a CMS software:

  1. It was already mentioned above that CMS applications have SEO tools integrated into it. You can manage your SEO efforts easily with the software.
  2. Email marketing. CMS will let you send newsletters and emails to your mailing list from the software. With this, you no longer have to get a different email marketing software. You could save money and it would be easier for you to send your content to your intended recipients. You could also save your pre-made emails to the database which you can access once you are ready to send them. Other CMS software also have a scheduling feature which will allows you to automate the sending of your emails.
  3. Social media marketing. More and more people are doing internet searches using their mobile devices in which you have a prime market. You could take advantage of this by upping your social media efforts. The CMS will let you integrate your social media marketing with it so you would not have to handle your social media using other applications.

Be Always Updated

Did you know that standards for websites and the internet are always changing? There are updates often. If you have a website, you have to update it manually just to keep pace with the changes. With a CMS tool, you no longer have to because it is updated along with the standards. You need not even keep track because the software will do that for you. When standards change, the CMS software will also update your site so you are not behind any of the other websites out there.

Are you still thinking of not getting a CMS software? Well, if you rarely update your website and you have prior knowledge in coding or HTML, then you do not really need a CMS.  But if you are really serious about making your website successful, then you should start using this tool and find ways to get the most out of content marketing.

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