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5 Problems Business Owners Experience with their VoIP Phone Software and How to Solve it

5 Problems Business Owners Experience with their VoIP Phone Software and How to Solve it

The business VoIP software is a fairly young technology. Its success is attributed to the fast pace development of technology for businesses. The VoIP software can be in the form of a software solution like Skype, Hosted VoIP software which are offered by companies like 3CX and Self Hosted VoIP system which you need to setup on your own.

Plenty of business owners have started shifting to VoIP phone systems because of the cheaper expenses, and the simplicity of its interface and process. Users simply need to choose which type of software to use, provide the VoIP software requirements, set-up the equipments, pay the required fees, and employ the help of experts for regular maintenance of the servers, if you opt for self hosted VoIP software.

But like any other business solution, the VoIP software also encounters problems from time to time. Here are the most common problems that VoIP users often complain about and the possible solutions that you can do to resolve the issues.

1. We’re having voice quality problems    

Most of the business VoIP software reviews praise the crystal clear quality of voice and video calls that clients get when they call their customers. Compared to doing your calls via the usual telephone lines, VoIP phone software lets you call via IP phone or the software installed on your device. If you’re always commuting, you have the option to install the VoIP software with your mobile device. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you will be able to stay in touch with the people in your contact. However, even when there are plenty of benefits in using the software today, this does not guarantee that it’s a phone system free from flaws. VoIP users may also get to experience call interruptions from time to time because of various reasons.        

Solution: In most cases, voice quality issues are encountered when there is poor internet connection. VoIP phone systems rely heavily on the speed of your internet plan, so you have the option to switch to a new ISP which can give you more bandwidth, or upgrade your internet plan with that of your current provider. There are some instances that you are able to receive enough bandwidth but the quality of the connection from your ISP is not enough. In this case, you should consult with your ISP and ask about how they would be able to improve their services.

Another cause of this problem is that you are using a lot of apps that also happens to consume a large fraction of data allowance. According to Opera, Google Chrome tops the chart thanks to its 100 MB consumption per 10 pages. The larger the web pages are, or the richer their graphics are, the bigger data consumption can be expected as well. Following Google Chrome in the list are UC Browser, Instagram, YouTube and android native browser. Minimize using these apps and softwares often while you’re on your VoIP Business phone system. reminds that you should not forget to check your VoIP equipments as well. If the problem does not concern your ISP or your bandwidth, then you need to diagnose your VoIP phone system equipments. Your system might be using an outdated server or router software that’s why you’re experiencing issues with your calls.

2. Our VoIP system does not integrate with the alarm system

According to Techradar, some VoIP Business phone software can be integrated with your security alarm system. In their article, they discussed how an analog door phone can be integrated in the security system so you can permit people to come inside the building after conducting a two way call with your visitor. However, take note that not all VoIP phones can be integrated with the alarm system. Most of the VoIP suppliers would indicate this information on their site, so it would be best to inquire about this issue beforehand. However, if you’re supplier indicated that the phone is compatible with the alarm system and you experience difficulties in integrating it with the security system, you can do the following:

Solution: Check for the wiring. SecurityOne says that it is important to check if the VoIP adapter is connected properly to the jack.  If the cable is not connected properly, signals aren’t submitted through the security system so the alarm doesn’t work. You should also monitor the condition of the cable and the jack from time to time because they tend to wear out.  If you are not sure how to check on the condition of the wiring and the alarm system, you can call your alarm company.

3. Credit card machine fails to work

Businesses are accustomed to using processing credit card through Point of Sale (POS), but there are also other ways that increases turnover and sales like IP card processing. The credit card terminal is connected to the internet and the processing time would only take around 2 to 3 seconds. Despite the convenience of this process, there might be instances when the transactions are not processed.

Solution: According to Chase Paymentech Solutions LLC, if you encounter issues with your High Speed credit card terminal, you will need to double check that the cables are connected properly. You can check this by looking at the card terminal light. These should be illuminated once you plug the cables right.

If the transaction not processed, you may proceed to rebooting the router. You can do this by disconnecting the router from the power source. You should also unplug the connecting CAT Cables from the rest of the equipment. After which, you need to wait for at least 30 seconds before you can reconnect everything back in place and then wait for another 60 seconds for the device to reboot completely.

For clients who are using up a dial up connection, you will need to plug in a regular phone to check the dial tone. You will then need to move the terminal to a new phone line or wall jack and try to establish connection. You will also need to verify that you used the PBX access code correctly.

4. Fax Machines No More

Some business owners still prefer using fax machine. According to Alliance Phones, fax machine play an important role in the communication of businesses. Its reliability is among the biggest factor why even with the latest technological advancement for communication, fax machines are still used. However, if you are to switch to a VoIP phone setup, you might encounter problems concerning the transmission of messages via fax machines.

Solution: Techrepublic explains that the biggest issue in sending fax messages through the VoIP is the lack of Quality of Service control. But even when there is this limitation, there are ways on how you can work around on the issue. One way is to find a VoIP provider that offers a dedicated fax line.  You may be able to learn about this through reading business VoIP software reviews. You should also ask if your chosen business VoIP software provider if they use the T.38 protocol or the g.711 codec, because these protocols enable the VoIP phone system to receive fax messages better.

5. Fluctuating VoIP System Connection

While the VoIP phone system is popular for its reliability in delivering hassle free customer and client communication channels, it can face connection issues as well. Fluctuating VoIP phone software connection can be such a drag most especially when you’re in the middle of a conversation with a potential client. This problem can be caused primarily by the bandwidth of your internet connection or your power source is not stable.

Solution: According to VoIP, the bandwidth requirement for business VoIP software depends heavily on the codec used by the system. Phone explains that in general, you will need at least 100 kbps or around 3 Mbps internet speed plan to conduct at least 1 concurrent call. As the number of concurrent calls increase to 5 concurrent calls to 10 concurrent, you will need at least 5 Mbps internet speed or more. Find an ISP who can help you meet your bandwidth requirement and make sure that they can provide a stable internet connection in your area.

In the case of unstable power source, you will need to provide a back-up power source that can support your internet connection and your VoIP equipment. You may also use the power supply calculator of CISCO to find out if your system can be supported by your current power source.

Reading business VoIP software reviews can help you find solution to these problems. By knowing what the best business VoIP software company offers, you know how to manage your expectations. Those problems mentioned above are just the 5 most common problems that business owners experience with their VoIP phone software. There are still other problems and concerns of VoIP users that should be addressed. What other problems have you experienced with your VoIP? How were you able to solve it?

If you are curious to know more about the leading companies providing VoIP phone services, you can check’s business VoIP software reviews. Hopefully, the honest and straight to the point reviews from verified clients, can help you find the top business VoIP software provider in the market

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