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5 Mistakes of Businesses When Hiring Android App Developers

5 Mistakes of Businesses When Hiring Android App Developers

You have a new business and obviously in order to become at par with your competitors you need to expand your market base or clientele. One of the best ways to do this is to create a mark by using an android app. Thus, it is crucial to be able to determine the right android app developer for your business.

The excitement of making a mark in the app space is understandable given the idea that most businesses in the 21st century are now operating with an android app. The challenge of thinking about what kind of app your business needs is actually nothing compared to the challenges of building a mobile app startup that would spell success for you.

The fact remains that you could always experience delay at every step if you do not know which type of android app developer is the right thing for you. A great number of businesses have been criticized and have lost face because of many problems with their android apps. However, since you have decided to go for an android app for your business, you will do your best to avoid the mistakes of many other businesses. It is never an easy journey with more than 2 million apps already developed and thought of. That is why you need to find the right expert when it comes to your first ever business android app.

It is a fact that with an app to carry out all of your business operations except perhaps personal one-on-one conversations, much of the success of the business operations is ensured. Technology has advanced much in the recent years that the Android app from its most basic to its most complex form has become indispensable for anyone who is willing to transact business with a company 24/7. Thus, selecting the right partner in android app will help you avoid the mistakes of many companies whose sales dropped and whose reputation was tainted because of wrong or bad apps.

Avoid these mistakes of many companies whose choices for an android app developer put them down:

Being Contented With Local App Developers

If you live in Los Angeles, California, you may have the best IT experts in the city but still you don’t want to look for developers just within your place. What you really want is one that comes from a select list of the best Android development agencies. These Android development agencies can actually understand your business needs as well as your need for success.

One way to accomplish this step is to search various reputable and independent Android development agency reviews. After browsing through these app development reviews, you will find out that there are really large and big brands that even outsource their product development including android app development. Like Apple, some really big companies even go for android development agencies in other countries. Use the Internet as your number one resource.

The point here is that you should have your priorities clearly presented. You want to have the best app for your business. You should then do whatever it should take to find the means to build it and you should not just be contented with whoever is available near you. When you try to narrow down your search for the best app, then what you are simply doing is that you are merely limiting your potential to achieve in business.

Hiring Those That Begin Coding Right Away

There are also those android app developers who begin coding right away the moment they receive a brief from you. This is simply a sign of irresponsibility or rashness. Apps are actually a very elaborate and complex piece of software. The fact is that the simpler the app, the more complicated it is to code it.

Moreover, there is no app software development project that can be initiated without first the crystal-clear clarity of what the stakeholder is supposed to deliver. The stakeholder here is the designer, the developer or the QA). Thus, without the functional specifications document, there is no way that such clarity can be achieved.

One example is the detailed specifications document prepared by Arkenea LLC that spends up to seven pages just to explain the mobile app’s signup screen. That level of the amount of detail must be enough to avoid a lot of headaches later when it comes to delivering something that is short of the company’s expectations.

If you make a mistake in this aspect, you will naturally end up choosing a company that will not deliver an android app based on your expectations. You will end up hiring an android app developed that does not even know how an android app feature works and how coding happens according to assumptions. You will therefore end up with something that does not know so many essential things about the designing of an android app according to your expectations.

Thus, if the developers you end up with start coding right away, then it is best to avoid them as soon as you can.

Lack of Understanding of the Company’s Goals

Naturally too, you will not partner with anyone who does not understand nor even care about your overall business goals. It is best to avoid the android development agency that does not even ask you anything about the company or does not even show the slightest interest about the industry that you’re catering to as well as the customers you are serving. That company is one of the worst no matter how good they are when it comes to designing an android app.

There is actually no reason why you should hire a developer that does not even want to spend time asking you about the objectives of your business, the types of customers that you usually cater to, the various insights you have about the industry that you are in, the ins and outs of your business and the services that you offer. Avoid an app developer that seems to assume that they already know everything about your company based only on previous clients of a similar industry. Thus, unless they sit down with you and have a meaningful dialogue about the company, they will not be able to build the best app for it. There should therefore be collaborative effort between you and them when it comes to the development of your android app.

Apps are utilized by human beings. Unless the android development agency spends enough time understanding who they are designing the app for, how they will be able to best serve the needs of that specific group of customers, then avoid that developer. Remember that the approach needed for developing an app for a young female audience would require very different techniques compared to making one for a professional senior citizen male in their mid-sixties.

Hiring Underachievers

Another mistake that you are apt to make if your do not give much attention to the android development agency that you will partner with is hiring an underachiever when it comes to performance. This means that if you hire someone who only charges something like $12 per hour of work, then chances are you are going to have a very low quality app design that will not be at par with anything else in the industry.  Simply speaking, for those who throw peanuts, they will only attract monkeys, no more, no less.

During these times where technology is driving almost all industries forward, the role of the android development agency and the quality of service that they provide cannot be emphasized too heavily. Thus, there is a great necessity for every company and business like yours to hire the best possible resources in order to develop a technology that far outweighs the rest. In fact, this has led to a tremendous shortage of high quality Android app developers.

If an engineer is working with an excellent performance, then he or she would definitely be already hired by another company with a good salary package just like interns in Silicon Valley who receive around $6,000/month. Most probably too, many of these really good engineers are working for private companies or individuals that pay them huge salaries.

Thus, you should try to find Android development teams that have produced quality apps and those who are willing to do their best to produce high quality apps. These are the same people who believe that the apps that they should produce are the most successful, as success comes from design and the passion to achieve, and not from chance.

Low User Experience

One last mistake that you can possibly make if you do not carefully consider your android development agency is that you hire a team with very low level of experience. That is why you should not hire an android app developer purely based on their skills. Many may have excellent skills but do not have adequate actual experience with customers.

Sometimes, even if these new app developers have the skills, they are still prone to bad user experience design. This can lead to many problems. For example, left-handed people would experience difficult problems with some design in apps that are only meant for the right-handed. There is also a big challenge when considering how many males and how many females are expected to use this app. Still, another consideration is the age of the typical customer that will be using the app. That is why if the app developer is simply good at design but does not even have a bit of idea how many males and females are going to use the app, then you will just have problems with this android development agency.

You will just get yourself in trouble if you do not care about what kind of android development agent you will partner with for your business android app. The best app developers are sometimes not what you think they are. You need to get them from outside your city if you have to, and make sure they are interested in your company and that they are into detail. They should also be achievers as well as experienced producers of high quality apps. Check out the list of the best Android app development companies in to find the developer that will best fulfill all your mobile app development needs.

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