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5 Easy Ways to Market your Parks and Recreation Activities

Let’s face it, Parks and Recreation organizations have limited to no budget for marketing. There’s usually not a department, let alone an individual, responsible solely for marketing. If you are the administrator or activities coordinator looking to gain exposure for your activities there are a few easy and FREE things you can do with tools you probably already have.

  1. Utilize your Recreation Software – Software, such as REC1, gives you the option to communicate with current or past registrants via mass email or text alerts.
  2. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more are all easy, free ways to communicate with your audience. Be sure to include your online registration link to make it easy to register immediately!
  3. Targeted flyers/postcards – Have a similar Summer Camp or activity ending? Be sure all of those families go home with a flyer for your upcoming activity. It may be old-fashioned, but can still be effective!
  4. Discounts – Everyone loves a deal! Offer early bird discounts, online coupons, referral codes, and more. Be sure you set up your Online Recreation Software to make it easy and intuitive to enter coupon codes during checkout.
  5. Free trial class – Why not? Offer a sneak peek day to show off your program to people who may be unsure if it’s a good fit for them.

Don’t let budget stop you in filling up the fun and amazing programs that your organization offers!




Director of Marketing at REC1
Since 2007, REC1 has been an industry leader in Online Recreation Software. Based in the Atlanta-suburb of Alpharetta, GA, the REC1 product was designed and developed from the ground up specifically to meet the needs of municipal parks and recreation departments. REC1 strives to provide recreation departments and their customers (the public) with a modern, intuitive interface that is powerful, well-managed, and actively supported.

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