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5 Considerations Before Selecting an Enterprise Cloud Storage

5 Considerations Before Selecting an Enterprise Cloud Storage 1Cloud storage has been around for quite some time, and ever since its first introduction, people have been using it to back-up their data. For most cloud storage users its fairly common to know about companies like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive since these are they offer free cloud storage services. Pictures, documents, music files and the like are usually stored by personal users in their free cloud storage allotment.

But, apart from using the cloud to store these kinds of files, it is also very beneficial for business owners. According to AllBusiness, to use the cloud when it comes to storing their data, so that everyone works in the business organization have access to the data any time, and anywhere.

This cuts off the extra time spent in sending out files and holding emergency meetings to bring up the new data to be used in strategizing for the financial structure, or perhaps adjusting the marketing strategies.

Importance of Hiring a Cloud Storage Company  

Cloud storage is very beneficial for small business. In a separate article, we have discussed about the top 3 benefits of using cloud storage for small businesses. These benefits include collaboration and synchronization, sharing and protection, and an online database you can readily access 24/7.

These benefits aren’t only applicable to small enterprises, because these also work extremely well for large enterprises. It’s expected that there are more data used in large businesses and thus, there is a bigger need to have a data storage facility that’s accessible, and secured for faster and hassle free transactions with your clients and employees.

Major Cloud Storage Company Today       

There is a long list of cloud storage companies today, and it can be quite overwhelming to choose among them because they all have their own pitches and their different services and packages. It will help you a lot if you have a cloud storage providers list to help you know the different major companies today and what they have to offer.

Let us give you three examples of major cloud companies today. One is the Box, they are based in California, and as of the moment they are serving more than 150,000 clients worldwide. Their retention rate is very high thanks to their reasonable pricing and their easy to use app.

Another is Mozy. They are located in Seattle, with around 100 employees ready to serve you and assist you when you encounter issues or if you want to understand how their app works. As of now they only have more than 50 clients and their retention rate is 90%. Their pricing is relatively affordable and they have impressive reviews. A verified client said that he appreciates the fact that they offer different packages for personal and business consumption and that the pricing is very transparent so it helps in understanding where your money really goes.

Our last example is Hightail. Compared to Mozy, they have lesser employees but they currently serve more than 150,000 clients globally. Their retention rate is also very high, and the reviews are generally positive as well. According to a verified customer, she loves that whenever she shares file to someone, the recipient receives an email to notify them that the file is being uploaded.

How to Choose the Best Company

In choosing a cloud storage company, experts suggest that it is important to set your goals first. This will help you understand what your company needs in the first place. Does your company have a large quantity of data to store? What kind of data do you have? Why do you even want to use a cloud storage? Answer these basic questions and use your answers as your guide.

It will also help you if you read reviews of cloud storage companies. This will help you gauge what your chosen company can offer and what their clients are saying about their services. Reviews will also give you a heads up on the potential problems that you may encounter with a certain cloud storage provider.

  1. Specialization and Offers of the Cloud Company

Entrepreneur emphasizes the need to ask the company what they can offer you and also to identify which services you need for you company. Focus on identifying the data that you need to store.

Do you need to store documents, photos, audio files, or video? Maybe you can consider cloud storage companies like Dropbox. Do you need storage solution for CRM needs? You may consider cloud storage providers like Salesforce. Do you need it for your accounting? If yes, then you may use cloud storage companies like Intuit.

Find out if you only need cloud storage for basic data, most of the companies offer several packages that can help you with this.

Apart from this, do try to look into the potential of the company to scale up while your business grows with them. As a business grows, the complexity of the data also increases. Can your chosen company keep up with that?

Check for the security of the cloud service provided by the company as well. Surely, you don’t want your precious data being streamed by other internet users because they got leaked. These data, most especially customer data contain sensitive information that can cause legal repercussion if handled poorly.

  1. How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Their Services?

When it comes to availing any services for your business, it is always a must to factor in the price. Is the pricing reasonable enough for the packages and services included, or is it too pricey and yet it’s not able to provide you with your needed assistance?

Be careful with the upfront costs. These aren’t common with the well established cloud storage providers, since the set-up always involve a pay-as-you-go cloud storage deal. It will also be useful to check if the company is able to offer you the opportunity to add services in the middle of the transaction, should you need to upgrade your package immediately.

The usual cost of cloud storage services is usually around $1 to $100, depending on the inclusive services and the data allowance provided. Some companies can charge on an hourly basis, others charge monthly, semi-annually, or annually. Make sure to ask about this to your chosen company beforehand to avoid issues in the long run.

Some companies may offer free cloud storage services while others only offer free trial versions of the app. Be sure that you’re able to check on whether you have availed of the correct version. It would be very frustrating to find out that you have been paying for a certain service, when you thought all along that it’s a free gig.

  1. Company’s Back-Up Plan, Should Data Loss Occur

Even when cloud storage already offers a secured way of keeping your files around without the use of physical devices, there are still some instances when cloud storage companies loss data because of accidents and other possible causes.

In this case, you need to ask about what the company can do if ever they lose your data. Will they provide you with monetary compensation? What are their contingency plans in case such instances occur? Also, don’t forget to ask if they have tried losing data before.            

  1. Do They Have a Customer Service Team?

Top cloud storage companies make it their mission to deliver excellent services to their client, 24/7, so they provide a dedicated customer service team, who will address their client’s issues and concerns about the services.

It’s more comforting to know that when something goes off, you have someone to run to. It is important to ask about the customer service and support team of the company you are considering to work with. Read about the company’s reviews and look specifically for comments about the company’s responsiveness when it comes to addressing issues and concerns.        

  1. Availability of Cloud-ware application

It would definitely make things easier if you have an app to access all of your stored data. This enables you to take your business transactions anywhere. Most of the cloud storage companies today already have their own app where you can easily check on the files uploaded, and share them to your employees, or clients with just a few clicks and minor set-ups.       

Find out how easy the app is to use. Is the interface user friendly? Does it have complicated options and buttons that could eventually confuse you? How fast does the app perform? Is it compatible with your devices? Do they have a support team that can help you should the app goes down? Ask these questions to help you gauge the readiness of their app.

Before completely jumping on board with a cloud storage provider, make sure that you are able to take note of the considerations above. These could help you decide better to avoid problems about the cost of the services, the absence of amenities that your business direly needs, and the lack of responsiveness from their team.

If you haven’t made up your mind as to which company you should work with, it would be best to read our cloud storage company reviews to help you weigh in on their offers, their performance and their overall rating from valued and verified clients.

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