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5 IT Certifications That Will Help Drive Your Tech Career

If you are a technical guy with a freshly minted IT degree or looking to change your job in the IT marketplace, I bet you to stand out your resume from the crowd with the top IT certification listed below in the article. Either you are a beginner or experienced, there must be relevant domain knowledge and skills mentioned in the resume for getting hired by the leading MNCs worldwide.

The best idea is to go for an IT certification that can help in driving your tech career to the new heights. But getting the right IT certification is usually difficult for entry-level IT specialists. Few demands other connected certifications or you need to sign up for an exam or class before you can enroll yourself the certification.

Here is a list of popular IT certifications that can be taken almost anyone who is looking for a career in IT field. These are the standalone certification that can be grabbed by no previous experiences and there are no other connected certifications too.

  1. CompTIA – A+ Certification

If you are interested in network security then this is the right certification for you that was started in 1982. This is a widely respected certification program and can be taken by anybody having computer technician competencies. However, you are always free to enhance your skills with more advanced certifications but this is the beginning level for any IT career.

This is an industry-level certification that is taken as the proof of skills for IT technicians. This is accepted globally and makes sure that certification holder is quite competent and the right resource for hiring. Over more than one million people have already taken this certification and working very good in the IT industries.

  1. PMI – Certified Associate in Project Management

One of the best ways to take your career to the top is getting certified in project management field. There are just the limitless options you can opt for but for the entry-level, IT guys, certified associate in project management works just the best. This is the way how can you showcase your project management skills in the best possible manner and become a great asset for leading IT Companies.

If you think as a project manager, you had limited to do then you are wrong. A project manager is a person who takes the responsibility of complex jobs during a project in progress and keeps all the team members together. Still, you needed relevant experience to handle the technical work but project management skills can be learned from this certification.

With this certification, you will be familiar with various fundamentals of project management. Either you are a team member or leading a team, this is always better knowing how to utilize the resources through different stages of the project.

  1. – Professional Scrum Master

Agile project development is common for most IT projects that accelerate the overall project deployment rate for a project. If you are a software developer and interested in learning more about agile project management then go for professional scrum master certification to enhance your skills. With this certification, you would know how to manage scrum effectively as a part of software mission.

The right certification not only increases your chances of getting hired but gives wonderful support for attractive salary packages too. Before you appear for the final certification, you should have the basic understanding of scrum or you can join online course from leading institutes like JanBask Training to enhance your learning.

  1. Microsoft – MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Architect)

This certification covers different IT tracks from cloud platform to database and SQL servers etc. This is basically suitable for the people seeking for entry-level IT jobs. For this certification, you just need a good knowledge of various IT topics and start your work right away. The other similar certifications that are offered by Microsoft include – MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate), MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) etc.

As the name suggests, MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) is a proof of your skills for Microsoft office. This is a platform that is used almost everywhere in your workplace and hands-on experience on different Microsoft tools is always an added advantage for you.

The other popular name in the list is MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) where you will get hands-on expertise in various Microsoft technologies and enhance your learning for various Microsoft tools. For all three certifications, there are no pre-requisites but basic IT knowledge is sufficient to attempt for the final exam.

  1. Cisco – CCT (Cisco Certified Technician)

Cisco is a popular name in network industry and industry started certification around 1984. To jumpstart your career in network security, there is nothing better than joining hands with Cisco. This is a pretty safe bet that takes your career to the new heights without any pre-requisites. Once you would complete this certification successfully, you would be able to configure networks, servers at customer sites successfully.

It contains around 70 questions and given 90 minutes to complete this certification. There are no pre-requisites to attempt CCT certification but a handful knowledge of various network components would be an added advantage to clear the certification.

Final Words:

If any certification in the list catches your eye then this is a great news for you. You have come one step closer to obtain your IT certification and drive your tech career to the next level.  We are not saying that certification is everything. If you can get a job without certification then this will be a great bet for you. In special cases, even employers pay for certifications and study materials on your request.

In case, your resume is not enough then adding certification is a great idea to increase your chances of getting selected by your dream Company. Ultimately, the success formula is Basic IT knowledge + IT certification = Get your dream job immediately.

Step to follow –

  • Choose the certification that relates to your skills and interests.
  • Once you have decided on the certification, choose the study material that can help you with the exam.
  • Create a study group or join some training institute to aid your learning.
  • Study practice exams before you appear for the final certification.
  • In the end, sign up for the final certification and clear your exam with the right IT skills in minutes.

I hope you would like this article for top IT certifications to give a new definition to your career and start excelling right away. We wish you luck in advance!

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