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5 B2B Lead Generation Best Practices

B2B companies have relied for decades on print advertising, telemarketing, and door-to-door meetings to generate leads. BrightTALK reports 53% of marketers say they spend half or more of their budget on lead generation. And Hubspot reports 63% of marketers say generating leads is their top concern.

With the intense pressure to identify the best lead generation services, marketers today need to be savvy about their methods and tools. However, the number of marketing tactics available to generate leads can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are 5 best practices every marketer needs to embrace immediately:

#1. Email campaigns

Email is still a viable and cost-effective way to generate leads, and it leads to the top spot of B2B lead generation strategies. The best way to build an email list is using a reputable, high-quality lead generation platform like UpLead. Choose a platform with over 50 variables with which to customize your lists. This could include everything from revenues and geographic location to technologies used and particular exclusions to help you narrow your results and target your email campaigns.

#2. Account-based marketing (ABM)

Sometimes it’s better to go deeper in a chosen company than spreading your marketing efforts out wide of a population. This is where ABM helps you talk to the right people at the right companies. You need a lead generation platform that lets you target individuals at companies by name or title, and one that provides rich profiles including past experience, education, and more. The more information you can learn about your targets, the better your ABM campaign. Look for a platform that provides in-depth sales intelligence to enhance your ABM strategies.

#3. Content marketing

Using infographics, videos, blog posts, white papers, and more, you can target your prospects where they are in the buying cycle. Content marketing covers a broad scope, so it pays to experiment with what type of content generates the most leads. Try social media content, e-newsletters, webinars, and even microsites. A variety of methods will help you identify the biggest growth opportunities for your company.

#4. Search engine marketing

One of the most valuable long-term methods for generating leads is through search engine marketing. Organic searches that return your company to the number one spot for keywords is one of the most powerful strategies you can cultivate.

However, online search marketing is highly competitive. You need to create content that targets long-tail keywords that can convert. Focus on your target’s needs and wants and be specific and intentional about your keywords. For example, rather than trying to compete for the keywords “marketing agency,” try to rank in the first spot for “B2B email marketing agency for SaaS companies.”

#5. Integrating the above strategies

If you want to generate valuable sales intelligence and viable leads, you need to integrate all of your marketing strategies into a cohesive approach that is consistent with on-brand messaging and information. An exceptional B2B lead generation comes from a willingness to experiment with different strategies across multiple channels. Only by experimenting will you know what works and what doesn’t so you can focus your efforts where it’s more effective.

Finally, the results you get from your marketing campaigns are only as good as the quality of data you feed into it. To build a successful list, look for a lead generation services platform that validates information before you download it. That way, you’re assured to get valuable sales intelligence that you can rely on, helping you generate higher returns on your marketing investment and more importantly, better lead generation results overall.

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