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4 Common Misconceptions About VoIP Business Software

4 Common Misconceptions About VoIP Business Software

Most of the time, a business requires more features, and a higher level of sophistication in the software tools they use than homes. The business has wider coverage of influence, and larger  scope of service that needs a reliable provider of its consumers’ needs. As we continue to live in the information age, the development of products and services with the use of technology continues to move forward, expands, and grows to accommodate the varying and stronger demands of the consuming public.

Evolution of Voice Technology

In the primal years, the voice is one of the means to communicate between living creatures. Today, it is still the most basic unit of the foundation of communications; only now that the voice has taken in many forms and ways to be transmitted across any part of the world. The establishment of the Public Switched Telephone Network, or PSTN, enabled voice to travel greater distances. Some say it is an old technology, but still a technology in every aspect, that earned a reputation of reliability within  a century that it is being used, even until today. Further improvements were made in PSTNs wherein this time, the used to be voice that is analog (signal) in nature is turned into digital in form, to be able to travel faster across the transmission lines, with less bandwidth size. Bandwidth is a measurement used in signals, which can be anything from voice, video, data or combinations of any or all.

The advent of VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol made voice to be transmitted, and even enhanced, to longer distances more efficiently, and less expensive than when using PSTN. Like the enhanced PSTN, VoIP makes use of a digitized voice signal for it to travel across the internet protocol, or IP. The IP is a set of techniques and technologies employed together to create the vast network of data called the internet. Today, the internet is continuously expanding its content and reach, and is one of the most popular go-to source for fast and accurate facts and information about almost anything. This makes VoIP a dynamic way of communicating across the globe.

Why Business Owners Use VoIP

An efficient and effective communication system is very crucial to business in all aspects. This is the gateway to and from its clientele, which is the main point of doing a business. To be able to gain the revenue and reputation that a business wants, it is important to serve the needs of a lot of consumers through the creation of solutions that are relevant and logical at the same time. This can only happen upon discovering, from the consumer’s point of view, about those needs, then thinking of a solution, usually in the form of a product or a service. Communicating with your target audience is a surefire way of knowing and serving them better. This is why a reliable and efficient communication system is a non negotiable aspect of a business.

VoIP entered the business scene with a promise of a faster and more efficient way of communication over the legacy systems. It also has a wide array of benefits and features which adds more value to its purpose. It also boasts of large cost savings in making long distance calls, which is very expensive to do in the PSTN. With the voice transmission being integrated to the internet, it is more compatible with the latest technologies that the world is using today. And all of these communication technologies can now be integrated in one platform for better control and management. The business VoIP tools are essential in every business that wants to reap the benefits of technology in their communication systems.

However, shifting, migrating to, or adopting new technologies in a business has a lot of risks involved. It is important to invest a significant amount of time, effort and attention to it, in order to make smarter decisions that involve a crucial aspect, or a turning point, in the business. There should be weighing of the pros and cons, and giving regard to its long term impact and value to the business. Not everybody benefits from the technology in the same way, and it is important to acknowledge first the unique and specific needs of the business; as well as what are the negotiables from the non-negotiables, in order to know which technology suits you.

Being technology based, it is common that businesses are at first skeptic about the value of a business VoIP software, because it usually asks for a significant amount of upfront fee for it to be implemented. Aside from cost issues, the risks involved are sometimes too much for a business to handle. In the case of the business VoIP software, here are 4 common misconceptions about its benefits, and also how it refutes those misleading information:

1. VoIP Will Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Most technology based software offer both free and paid versions. In the case of business VoIP software, there is a lot of available free to use tools that you can try, or a more professional approach will usually be found among the paid versions. The upfront fees vary depending on many considerations like the features included, the length of contract, or reputation of the business VoIP software vendors. But the long term cost efficiency and huge cost savings it brings, especially in making international calls, will entail greater benefits in the long run. According to a market survey report, businesses attested that they were able to cut down their international calling costs by as much as 90%, and local calls by 40%. When talking about long term savings, this is indeed a huge amount which can be allocated instead on other aspects of the business.

2. VoIP Software Are ONLY for Big Businesses

Enterprises reap greater in terms of cost savings because it can save more in bypassing the need to purchase additional equipment and hardware installations due to its extensive network of users. But it is not true that cost savings is the only benefit that a business can get from a business VoIP system tools. It is a dynamic business tool that is also scalable to fit all types of businesses, either big or small. Its benefits extend to:

  1. Increased productivity because of its multi-tasking features; take calls why making emails or other stuffs in the same computer or device;
  2. Improved flexibility and mobility due to its web based nature, so you can access the software in multiple devices, as long as there is internet signal, anytime, anywhere;
  3. Unified communication because of its extended features of being able to send voice, text, video or image in the same software, simultaneously;
  4. Integration capability with other communication tools like email, voice mail, instant messaging services and social media networks for better control and management of everything under a single platform.

3. VoIP Software are Bound to Disappoint Me

This actually depends on what are the expectations laid beforehand, but with its strong list of capabilities, a business VoIP software is powerful enough to handle either small or enterprise-scale business communication networks. Its benefits were attested by many businesses that in fact, in a market report, the contribution of VoIP systems to the economy has been estimated to increase at the rate of 15.3% annually until the year 2017. On mobile VoIP users alone, a firm announced that their estimated numbers will reach 1 billion by the year 2017.

4. You Need To Have Expensive Equipment

Being web based, implementation of a business VoIP tool will only require a software system to be installed on the company’s network, and a reliable and fast internet access. All configurations will be made on the system itself, ditching the use of additional equipment and extra cabling connections.

The dawn of communication systems is one of the most remarkable and valuable contribution of technology to mankind in general. It paved a way for more advancements and innovations to flourish. Technology also made all of these reach many people across the globe; improving their lives and fulfilled their needs. Effective communication systems, enhanced trade and commerce, and have made businesses grow and expand at a faster rate. It improved many client-business relationships that opened new opportunities for innovation and improvement of existing ones. It enabled consumers to exercise freedom in expressing what they want and what they need in a specific product or service, which is valuable for a business. This is for them to align their goals with that of what the public is clamoring.

Now that everything you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of a VoIP software for your business has been outlined here, it is about time to do your own homework by looking at the top business VoIP tools in the market today. When selecting the best business VoIP software for you, keep a checklist of criteria to be able to narrow down your choices to those that matches it. For a more credible and relevant criteria, consult with your own IT personnel for they are the authority in knowing the best deals in software. You may also check out’s business VoIP tools reviews for a broader perspective and firsthand experience in its benefits.

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