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The 4 Amazing Benefits of Mobile CRM for Sales

Sales in the ultimate goal of a business and to tap on this interest CRM companies are now offering sales-focused CRM solutions. But a solution focused on sales is not the only need of the hour. A good sales solution is mobile which means that you can access it from anywhere anytime. And, the best way of taking your CRM Software with you is through a mobile device like smartphone, tablet, etc.

This blog will focus on the benefits of using mobile CRM and will use Indian Microsoft Dynamics CRM services as an example. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is what Microsoft offers when it comes to boosting sales. A person making use of mobile CRM can contribute to increasing sales because of the following reasons.

  • Access and Analyze: It is practically impossible for a human to retain all the information about a client, let alone clients. A mobile CRM solution allows sales representatives to take a quick look at the required information and also the digital analysis that the CRM solution offers. For example, with the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM services dedicated to sales, it is easy to access a client’s records, see their purchase patterns and interests, and suggest things of interest within no time. The analysis is more of use when a sales rep is in field than at office. Make use of innovative pictorial representation of data to analyze or do it the old way, at the end everything you need to reach a conclusion is with you.
  • Onboard and Track: As a business owner, you know the value of on boarding new team members so that they can quickly and efficiently start working. With the use of mobile CRM, it is easy to acquaint the new members with the system, assign task or create a to-do list, and provide them access to information that they would need to work efficiently. It is also possible to easily keep a track of the sales made by them or for that matter by anyone in the team. This can help in eliminating dual efforts on the same sales lead. This gives supervisors and colleagues a great team feel.
  • Minimize Work and Maximize Results: With the help of real-time tracking of customer requirement and demand, it is easier for sales rep to coordinate with customers and close deal without having to go to-and-fro from office. This also involves less involvement of paperwork or tedious processes that require extensive efforts. With minimizing time spent on these, a sales rep can focus on creating a conducive atmosphere for the client and leave a positive lasting impression. This is also bound to reflect positively on the sales because now a representative can close more deals in less time.

Let’s get back to our example of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Other than being a CRM Software, this solution is compatible with a host of apps that can make the mobile CRM a reality with ease. The available apps can be easily integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and do all the things mentioned above. The available apps have been developed by Microsoft or its approved partners and can be download from AppSource.

With the world shrinking because of the technological advances, there is a need for more and more advancements focused on improving customer interactions. The need for greater and enhanced customer interaction cannot be emphasized enough because of the growing competition. A CRM solution that works effectively on smartphones gives the employees the flexibility to work and in return helps businesses grow because the employees can work anytime from anywhere without the limitation of accessing an office-based database.

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