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3 Videos With Essential Insights For Your Software Project


All inspired entrepreneurs have to learn a lot as they enter the area of mobile startups and the IT world in general. First of all, they need to launch a project with a professional vendor that they are most likely yet to find. Then, they will have to build optimal processes for successful accomplishment of the project. Finally, they will take care of the product evolution after the launch.

All of these stages require insights, which are quite hard to look for. There are seas of opinions, and it’s easy to get lost among them. We’d like to present our own vision, expressed in 3 comprehensive videos. It was based on the 6-year experience of our company in creating software products for startups and enterprises.

Let’s start with building your software product. Starting with the idea, the next move is finding a software vendor to entrust it with. Most likely, you will outsource your product to a full-cycle development company that has all the required resources to build and deliver the product. Together you will work out product requirements, analyze and document them, form UI/UX design of your future product as the basis for further development.

What’s more, you will form your own approach to collaboration, which fits well with your budget and business goals. Watch the video to get useful insights that you will surely need beforehand.

When it comes to building processes, Agile is often mentioned as the most popular and viable ideology of software development. Our experience says that indeed it is, but only if it’s adjusted to the peculiarities of your project. In dozens of successfully completed projects, Agile helped us to evolve world-class solutions and helped product owners to keep up with the rapidly changing mobile market.

Watch the following video to see how we put Agile principles to effective practice, and you’ll see how it’s useful going to be for your own project.

Things never stop with the first release. What’s more, the good sign is when your product shows the need for evolution, and the first launch is just a major milestone. The product starts gathering user feedback, and version 1.1 is in works.

Watch this video to see why updates are vital for evolution of your product, and what essential value can be brought by your software vendor to your product at this stage.

Our vision, reflected in these videos, helped us to create and evolve numerous software products that perfectly met both the business goals of product owners and the demands of their end users.

Both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs will make use of these insights. For the former it’s simply essential information, whereas the latter might either discover new details or find a software vendor that would share their values.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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