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3 Simple Things to Look for in a Business VoIP Software

3 Simple Things to Look for in a Business VoIP Software

You have been at it for months thinking about whether or not to switch to a VoIP phone service for your business or not, and then finally, you feel like after considering everything seriously, this seems to be the best choice for you and your enterprise. However, due to the tremendous number of providers in the market, you got yourself thinking on which company you should go with. It can be challenging to do this, let alone understand what it means for your business to fully transition to the modern way of communicating.

VoIP Software for Business

Forbes emphasized that communication plays a vital role in maintaining the good performance of a business. It plays a role in team building and training, most especially for businesses that employ remote workers. Experts share that effective communication can determine a business’ success.

However, even when communication plays such an important role, it is no secret that it can be quite expensive to keep up with your clients, partners and your workers in the same building or in another place. Subscribing to the typical landline or cellular plans can come with a huge price tag, most especially if you were to conduct international calls. It can be a major setback, but thankfully, with the development of the wireless technology and the internet, Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP has become the cheapest communication option that businesses utilize to keep their lines open for their clients and partners. You no longer need to pay high rates for international calls, because you can call everyone by using data packet exchange via your internet connection. Here are among the most popularly used VoIP softwares for business.

  1. Skype

Skype offers a fast and easy to set up VoIP software. After downloading the software to your devices, you will need to set up your email account and password to create an account. It won’t be a very lengthy process as long as you have a fast internet connection.

Through this app, you can connect with your clients or members of the team by calling their Skype accounts. If you would like to call landline numbers, then you will be required to purchase Skype credits to proceed.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts come with setting up your gmail account. It is integrated with the email interface if you’re to access it through your PC or you can go to the Google Hangouts page to access all of the features fully. It can also be downloaded into your mobile devices.

It has several features like the Hangouts on Air that broadcasts your video conferences live and the Hangouts Dialer to call phone numbers using your internet connection.

  1. MyPBX

MyPBX is known to enable their clients to build their VoIP business phone system straight from the browser without any hassle. It has a very simple and highly functional interface where you’ll find a menu of options on the left side and the working space on the rest of the screen where you can drag and click the buttons and connectors to configure your phone systems.

You can start off by purchasing a local number in your clients’ or partner’s area, setup a phone number with MyPBX and then configure it so that all of the calls received by the local number will be received by your personal phone, your voicemail, or another designated number.

  1. Nextiva VoIP

According to latest statistics from their company over 100,000 businesses employ the help of this communication tool. They’re known for their responsive support team and their excellent help pages that will assist you in using their services.

Nextiva offers its users with a manageable dashboard that you can access across different platforms, a separate user interface that allows you to access your voicemails, call history and personal information, and the editing feature of the voice recorder which allows you to share a selected portion of the audio file.

  1. Jive Hosted VoIP

Jive is all about providing tailor made services to their customers. In their website, you’ll find different sorts of packages that you can choose from base from your industry. For businesses, they offer the small business and the enterprise package.

From the business voip solutions package that you will avail, you will benefit from their cloud based services, call analytics, call recorder, mobile voip software, customized prompts, VoIP management software, and more.

What Sets Things Apart

By looking at the 5 most loved VoIPs, you now have an idea of what to expect if ever you subscribe to their services. There are plenty of other VoIP providers in the market, so before you lock in on a particular VoIP phone system, it would be recommended that you look into the other options as well.

You can learn about the features of your selected business VoIP software, by reading business VoIP tool reviews. You can also look at the rankings to help you decide better.  In finding the Best Business VoIP Tools, here are the 3 things that you should look for.

  1. Affordability

Spending too much on VoIP business tool can be a huge turn off for some business operators, most especially if you’re running tight on your budget. But contrary to what most believe, it’s not really going to cost you a lot.

In fact, statistics show that VoIP phone software can actually help lower your expenses for your communication needs up to 90 percent and this is among the top reasons why business owners upgrade their communication systems to a VoIP phone system.

In order to choose the best VoIP software, you need to know what you should consider before purchasing a package. First consideration you will need is to take on the size of your business.

Some VoIP providers work better for small and mid-sized businesses like Skype, Nextiva, Viber, Aircall, Zoom, and Biba. Others like Fuze, Shoretel, Jive, Incontact and Avaya IP on the other hand are best for large enterprises.

Another consideration would be the number of features that you want to have. Because of the variation of the features and packages that providers offer, you can expect that some of these would cost a bit more than the others. For the cheaper VoIP service providers, you can look into the MyPBX, Aircall, Zoom, 8×8, Shoretel and Fuze.

If you’re looking for something that can offer you more, in the VoIP industry, Jive, Ringcentral, Avaya, Virtual office by 8×8, and Ringcentral are among the many providers that offer higher rates for their services, but they compensate by providing top notch features which are sure to give you better and faster results.

  1. Winning Features

Focus on identifying your business goals so you can effectively weigh in on the features offered by your target VoIP provider. Do you need advanced features like call forwarding, voicemail transcription and call screening or do you need the basic packages instead?

 Basic features include caller ID, call waiting, call blocking, and video conferencing. Most of the VoIP providers like those mentioned above, already offer the basic features as part of their free trial packages, or their standard packages.

Premium subscription on one hand would give you better and advance features like the audio editing feature of the Nextiva VoIP, or Hangouts Air of Google Hangouts that allow you to broadcast your conferences in real time.

Aside from the winning features, you should also check on the reviews regarding the responsiveness of their support team. This is a very crucial consideration that you need to make, most especially if you’re not that well versed in using the interface. Should you encounter problems, they should be able to provide you with a reliable and quick solution.

  1. Ease of Access

Nobody wants to spent a lot time analyzing how things work because there are a lot of other things in play when it comes to business, so when looking for a VoIP software provider, make sure to check on the interface of the software first.

When it comes to simplicity, most of the VoIP softwares are very easy to manage. You can manage you phone system using your browser or the app that is inclusive with your subscription.

Among the softwares available, the MyPBX is the most celebrated because of its easy to configure interface. Users only need to drag and click the elements found in the browser to set up the different numbers.

Take note of the requirements that you also need to meet in order to fully maximize the use of the VoIP. Some of these providers have more specific bandwidth and network requirements so it will also do you well if you look into this factor as well.

These three simple things that you need to look for in a particular business VoIP tool can help you decide on the packages that you will avail and on what company you would strike a deal with. Hopefully at the end of the day you’d be able to select the best option.

Have you made up your mind yet? To help you decide better, you can check out’s business VoIP software reviews for the top 50 VoIP companies in the market.

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