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3 Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Starting a new business? Want to grow your brand name and number of followers? You came to the right place. Before we officially start you need to understand, how Instagram works. Instagram started like any other social media site, where you can edit and upload photos. In the start, most of the people used it for adding filters to their photos and stuff, but now it is third most loved social networking platform, all over the world. Its users are found all around the globe. Its users have increased up to 800 million, from which almost 500 people use it on daily bases.

Apart from being a social site, it is also a big platform for establishing your business. Yes! you heard it right. Many people are earning their monthly income solely working on these sites, and Instagram made some talented people celebrities too.

If you want to gain followers on Instagram fast, here are some tips to help grow your brand on Instagram.

Promotional tactics

Doing the promotions in right way is the sole base on which rest of the things are going to depend. Try to do the promotional stuff in the most creative way ever. It is a definite fact that a unique and different thing will catch the followers eye, while they are scrolling through the newsfeed. Always make the posts brighter and catchy. Show off the brands variety and stock. Post pictures with captions which are exceptional than the other regular captions.  

Use photos of decent quality and avoid unnecessary cropping. Always post a photo with standard size and pixels. Use of extreme filters is also a major setback. A decent photo shows your dedication and professionalism. If you do not have the right camera or your picture does not have the right pixels, you can always use Photoshop. Photoshop offers options to make your picture of better quality like even up to 750 and 1080 pixels. If you do not have Photoshop, you can also download different apps from play store to help you editing better effects to your pictures .

Instagram itself offers different editing options. You can also use them, and you can gain followers on Instagram fast.

Make a bond with your followers

Track your audience mindset. Gain followers on Instagram, by relating to them. This is your biggest test that how are you going to do this. First, list down what is the exact requirement of your brand’s marketing. Now have a look at what your audience needs. Combine these two, and you are done. I will explain this with an example. Let’s consider that you are in “bags” business. If you make every post describing its quality and bragging about your own product, the followers are going to see it as a show-off. Tell them the products specials but only when they ask for it. If a new feature is added, mention it, but if every product has the same specialty, then leave it to the followers to decide. Make the tagline in an inventive way. Instead of just uploading the photo of your bag, give the caption like “who would not like to have this trendy design for this season” or “grab this new fashionable bag before the offer worn out.”

Another way to gain Instagram followers is by posting the pictures of people who are using your products. This way your follower will know that the brand has a name in the society. Also, if someone gives you feedback, be thankful and grounded and appreciate their response.

Steal ideas from others

If you want to win, first know whom you are competing with. When you know what other people are up to, then you are going to use the same strategy against them. To gain followers on Instagram fast, set a goal for yourself, like go through at least five accounts per day and look deeply to their posting styles, their captions, their photo editing, number of posts per day, their bio, etc. Look at what your account is lacking at. Attempt to post things, which are better in all aspects than the other accounts. By making few changes every day, one day you are going to lead all the businesses online. The basic point is never to stop as we all know “slow and steady wins the race.”

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