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20 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Business Website

WordPress was originally released in 2003, and since then, it was able to become the most used CMS (content management system) in the entire world. Currently, over 75 million blogs and websites are powered by WordPress, each of them publishing millions of posts each year. Among other purposes, the ones that praise this tool the most are businesses, since there are many of them who rely on this powerful CMS to give them crucial results. If you are wondering why it is so popular with the business sector, read the following 20 reasons.

1. WordPress is free

Regardless of whether you plan on launching a business or a blog, the fact that this CMS is 100% free can be extremely helpful to you. And, the best thing of all is that there are no hidden costs in case your site grows. Many CMSs are “free” until you grow and then, suddenly, you are obligated to pay for things. With WordPress, you won’t have to worry about hidden costs, as it is and will be free forever.

2. Instant power

Unlike so many other CMSs, you can use all of the abilities WordPress has to offer straight upon installation. You won’t have to find, configure and install never-ending add-ons so that you can use the core and essential features WordPress has to offer (RSS feeds, comments, revisions…).


3. Search engines love WordPress

All of the strongest search engines love sites that are built on WordPress because it has a well-designed framework that crawlers can easily go through. If a crawler can go through a site with ease, it means that it will probably rank it better and index it faster, since it recognizes its framework.

4. Flexibility

Another feature that other content management systems cannot top is the flexibility of WordPress. Whether you plan on using WordPress for an e-commerce site, business site or a personal blog, it can meet all of your needs, thanks to its vast number of extensions and features.

5. High level of security


Since WordPress is the most popular content management system, it’s not strange that a lot of hackers like to target it. Sadly for them, WordPress is rather serious when it comes to protecting its users. Although there are certain basic things you need to bear in mind when using WordPress, such as avoiding downloading plugins or themes from untrusted websites, WordPress frequently updates itself to make sure security is at the highest level possible. Since its 3.7. Version, WordPress has automatic updates.

6. Easy to learn how to use

Another amazing fact about WordPress is that anyone can learn how to use it. The whole platform is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to get a hang of. Some people are able to learn how to use it in just a couple of minutes. You can do a lot of complicated things on WordPress with simple actions.

7. Amazing support


If you use WordPress, then you will definitively appreciate its amazing community. Like we’ve said, a lot of people use it and take part in developing the software even further. The WordPress community is like a family and that’s why there is an amazing level of support, and you can troubleshoot practically anything. I guarantee that there is no question you could possibly ask that hasn’t been answered before.

8. Amazing customization

Given the fact that there are thousands of themes and plugins which you can use with WordPress, you can easily customize how your website’s look or how it functions. Given the fact that it’s an open source CMS, the number of features is unparalleled and you can literally create anything you imagine.

9. WordPress is an open source CMS


What does “open source” mean? It means that any programmer, or web developer, can take the code WordPress and tweak it to their liking. The main reason why WordPress has grown so much is its open source nature. The majority of themes and features were created by people who took their time to create something new.

10. Multimedia friendly

Your website can be much more appealing by adding videos, audio, and images to make the experience more memorable for your visitors. Luckily, with WordPress, you can easily insert media like this into any post or page. Not only can you easily upload various files, but you can also edit them while you are in the media library screen.

11. Managing WordPress is easy

As I’ve said earlier, there is a built-in automatic updater that makes sure your security measures and protocols are updated regularly. But, this is not all WordPress does, as it also notifies you if there are any updates for plugins and themes as well. This system makes it very easy to manage your site, as you will be empowered with the latest updates at all times.

12. WordPress is much more than just a blogging CMS


Although WordPress owes its reputation to the fact that it’s one of the best blogging platforms out there, it’s so much more. Apart from being used for blogs, it can also serve as a platform for a variety of professional websites, particularly for e-commerce. Since WordPress has a page and post structure you can have both frequent blog posts and static pages.

13. It saves you money

Remember that WordPress is free. But, this is not the only way this platform saves you money. Because of the fact that it’s a user-friendly open source CMS, there will be no need for hiring technicians or web designers for launching a site of your own. The fact that it’s quite easy to use lets anyone create a simple WordPress website in a couple of hours.

14. You are not limited to just one web hosting provider

If you desperately need to switch your host or a provider, because they can’t handle the amount of traffic you get or are just unreliable, you can easily do it without having to lose a lot of time with your site being down.

The reason why this is so quick and easy is the fact that WordPress can work with almost every type of server out there. Being stuck with a bad host is something no website can afford, and with WordPress, this is not an issue. Furthermore, there are a lot of web hosting companies that specialize in WordPress hosting.

15. Integration

In order to give your business website an additional boost, WordPress gives you the option of integrating with other powerful platforms. Are you in need of launching an email marketing campaign? No problem. WordPress gives you the ability to use services like MailChimp or Aweber.

16. Countless e-commerce options


Since you are planning on using your WordPress site for business, it’s good to know that there is a huge number of e-commerce options to choose from and convert your website to a digital store. WordPress has many e-commerce plugins you can choose from and some of the best include WPeCommerce, Shopp and WooCommerce. With these plugins, you can easily start making money online.

17. Scheduled posting

Being a business owner is a completely time-consuming job. Still, with WordPress, you can take some of that time back by being able to schedule posts up in advance. When you finish setting up a post, you can easily designate the exact moment when you want it to go live, so that it suits both your customers and yourself.

18. WordPress is universal

WordPress is truly a universal platform. No matter what you want to do with it and how you implement it into your website, it always looks the same. The dashboard never changes and you won’t have to hire experts and spend money so that you can figure out what’s going on.

19. One-click publishing


Have you ever written an article that you needed to publish instantly? With WordPress, this is not an issue. After you’ve created your content, you can simply publish it by using the one-click button. What’s even better is the fact that WordPress supports a lot of mobile apps that can empower you to publish using your mobile phone while on the go.

20. WordPress powered sites are fresh looking

One of the best aspects of being an open source platform is the fact that there are a lot of themes created for WordPress, and I mean A LOT. The appearance of your website will be always fresh with this CMS and this is very important to customers.

WordPress is probably one of the best CMSs that you can use for your business website. It’s really not a coincidence that so many people use this platform, and trust me when I tell you that you can literally do anything with WordPress once you dig deeper and figure out the full extent of its power.


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