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13 Don’ts of Security Cameras

Thinking of buying surveillance cameras to keep your house safe? First of all, make sure you do some research to become aware of the dos and don’ts of security cameras. But wait, we have done the job for you and drafted a list of 13 most popular don’ts you must absolutely know about. The following recommendations will increase the impact of cameras to ensure maximum security and peace of mind.

The list of don’ts includes, but is not limited to:

  • Don’t leave any crucial spot in your building uncovered! Make sure all the possible entry and exit points as well as first floor windows are properly protected by cameras.
  • Don’t leave any exposed cables coming into or leaving your security camera! By simply cutting the wire, the system will turn off and a thief can easily have access to your property. So be careful with the cables!
  • Don’t use a standard security camera for night video surveillance, especially if you don’t have proper lighting! Go for an infrared security camera that is designed to record in even the darkest of conditions.
  • Don’t go through the installation process of security cameras without the help of a qualified electrician and hardware technician! You will definitely need to consider professional help particularly when dealing with CCTV security system.
  • Don’t place your cameras in spots that are within reach without a ladder! On the contrary, hang them high on the wall or on the roofs so that they are clearly visible.
  • Don’t fix your camera on a gutter! It may seem like a good idea because of its high position. But keep in mind that the security cameras are subjected to weather conditions. Moreover, with its weight and unnecessary stress, it can damage your guttering system.
  • Don’t set a security camera in places where people expect privacy! Avoid installing cameras in places where people dress and undress like bathrooms, changing rooms, etc., unless you have a serious reason for it.
  • Don’t install a secret camera if there is no legitimate purpose for doing so! Be so kind to inform the people that they are being recorded by the secret cameras.
  • Don’t point your camera to the neighbour’s home or window! This can be considered an invasion to other people’s privacy. And in that case, see you in court!
  • Don’t use the recorded footage for purposes other than initially intended. Moreover, make sure you don’t give the captured material to a third party.
  • Don’t leave your outdoor cameras without waterproof case! The cameras that located outside also need a good protection from rain, snow, or other weather conditions.
  • Don’t go with the security cameras only because they are the cheapest! If they go out of service or fail to function properly, the results can be catastrophic. So, you’d better buy cameras that meet your security needs with an affordable price.

And finally, the last don’t you might want to consider is:

  • Don’t underestimate the don’ts mentioned above to get the most out of your camera!

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