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10 Tips to Win the Trust of Distracted Customers in Mobile Apps

The very famous marketing quote, ‘What they see is what they buy’ has been influencing the marketing strategies of various industries globally. However, with the changing time, technology has changed the way to market products and services.

With a wide range of customers available on numerous social media networks, the marketing strategy for the smartphone generation has to get smarter with its operations as well. Terms of user attaining and retaining users have become quite common, and the debate on which one is more suitable has grown to its peak.

Some statistics to state the mobile app market condition

As of June 2016, there were around 2.2 million apps available in Google Play Store, while the Apple’s app store stood second on the list with 2 million applications. A statistics shows that by September 2016, a total of 140 Billion apps were downloaded from the Apple App store and 65 Billion from Google Play as on May 2016.

Despite these whooping figures, you might be amazed to know that only 23% of these downloaded apps (the year 2016) have been used only once during the first six months of the ownership.

Why are we here?

The constantly growing mobile app market has certainly gained eyeballs of numerous mobile app developers across the globe. However, not all of them were able to grab the attention. While some managed to make large, many failed due to the customer distraction.

A customer getting distracted to some other of your kind is something common. Here are the two major reasons that affect their swings:

  1. Just like that: App store has become a great space to kill time. The smartphones today have become a good medium to kill time and entertain self. People have an entire ocean of applications to swim. They often skip to some other application just because they found it appealing in looks, someone referred, or to avail an offer.
  1. Not satisfied: A major reason behind the user distraction is that they are not satisfied with the app quality. This includes design, features, interface, and experience. Even the slightest lack of satisfaction in any of these can lead to customer distraction.

Knowing isn’t enough, it’s about learning and executing

Every guy next door might be aware of the above-mentioned reasons, but we are here to find the ways in which we can win the trust of distracted customers being in the mobile app business. Let’s learn to execute:

1. Great Offers

Be it small or something big, people love to have offered. Ensure that you keep them engaged with one or another great offer. This can include extra points that can be redeemed on any of the application services or something that involves your partners. Let’s say a shopping gift voucher.

An offer can be in any form, but there has to be one, as it makes the customer feel that you value them.

2. Personalized interaction

With the help of personalized interaction, you can take that ‘value’ aspect a step ahead. Every customer has a different set of expectation (User Experience). Though delivering everyone an individually personalized interaction might be hectic, but creating groups based on preferences and further delivering personalized interaction to them.

Another factor that can help you with this is targeting the audience that is interested in your product or service. We have discussed the same point in a section below.

3. Features and functions above entertainment

No doubts people go to the app store in search of something that can add ease to their standard of living and give them a dip in the sea of entertainment. But you must not disregard the fact that it isn’t just the entertainment that can keep the customers glued to your mobile application. Beyond this, they also look to have features and functions.

This can include everything from a good design to a better interface, which allows them to operate and surf through the mobile app easily saving their time and effort.

4. Target audience

This is the most important way to keep customers away from distraction. Before you question its viability, let me clear. When we use the term target audience, we mean to point at people who are interested/might be interested in your product/service.

By focusing on this particular group of audience, you can stay assured that the people won’t easily get distracted, until and unless you give them a major reason behind. This can include poor user experience, features not as expected or promised, poor interaction, etc.

5. Benevolence

I hope you can recollect some big brands doing charity. Basically, they assure to donate a certain percentage of profit to some or the other NGO or directly for society wellness. This is the reason why benevolent apps get the customers trust easily.

However, now that you already have a mobile application development plan, or you have an app, you definitely can’t go ahead and create another. So, you can start getting involved in such benevolent activities and share the same with your potential customers/customers. The result will definitely be positive.

6. Be as distinct as you

Your product/service and the interaction with your customers have to be as unique as your mindset and plans were at the time of working on your mobile application development.

But, before you try being distinct make sure that you aren’t being odd or ugly. Pardon my words, but it has been often noticed that mobile app developers/owners tend to behave and portray odd while attempting to be distinct.

7. Listen and act to feedbacks

This can become your most important tool to gain the trust of distracted customers. A satisfied customer might skip leaving a feedback/review, but an unsatisfied customer will always do that. You need to stay alerted (if possible have a team) and act upon them as early as possible.

Your quick responses and humble conversations will definitely make them trust you and eventually you’ll retain your customers for a longer duration.

8. Landing Page

A landing page helps you gain the trust of your customers by showing them your app idea and other related projects in a descriptive manner. Apart from this, they can also leave a query about their doubts in a much easier manner.

It has been seen that landing pages prove to be a valuable asset for the appreneurs if designed and planned to keep all the important aspects in mind.

9. Videos and FAQs

Let us understand this one by one. Starting with Videos, it is recommended that you must share videos related to app usage, personal experience, troubleshooting, etc. with your customers. This can be done on the landing page as well as on app stores.

Talking about FAQs, they can be very helpful for the customers, as they’ll be talking about all the major concerns. Doing this will no doubts make your customers believe that they value for you, and eventually, they won’t easily get distracted by your competitors present in the market.

10. Offer what they like but being self

Last but important as it puts a light on the above-mentioned points. While your main focus in the above points was on providing satisfaction and giving attention to your customers, this one, in particular, asks you to not lose your personal identity. You need to keep your goal in mind while working on the above measures.

Apart from this you also need to take care that you do not make any false promise to your customers. Often customers get distracted and abandon the application if they don’t find the reality as per the promises made.


App store has numerous participants coming from different countries and carrying different perspectives. However, there’s one thing common for all of them; competition. Every mobile app developer has to face and survive daily in the prevailing competition.

The major key to crack this is by delivering ‘out of the box’ service in order to bridge the gap between present and future of mobile app industry.

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