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10 Strategies to Put Your App on the Map

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Adoption rates of mobile devices – and the time spent on them – is at an all-time high. With the meteoric rise in usage has come a flood of apps catering to just about anything under the sun from entertainment, to dating to shopping and beyond. Competition is fierce and every app battles more than 2 million others in each of the major app stores to win the attention of consumers. If you want to be one of the last apps standing, you’re going to need a plan!

Here are 10 tips to help put your app on the map:

  1. Build a teaser website – Create a website or landing page before the app launches. With tools like BoldGrid (which sits on top of WordPress) and Wix you don’t even have to know how to code to create a beautiful, professional-looking site. Make sure to include a detailed description of the app, where to download it and include several compelling images. This helps to legitimize your business and acts as a place for potential users to discover your app. Do this a month or two before your launch and incorporate a form to collect email addresses for people who want to know when the app is available.
  2. Come up with a memorable tagline – Make it brief and punchy! The importance of a tagline is to quickly and efficiently tell what your app is all about and to set it apart from other apps that provide similar services. Make sure the tagline is front and center on the teaser site and app stores and that it appears on all social media channels, marketing and investor documents.
  3. Create uniform messaging Keeping your message consistent has a number of benefits both short- and long-term. Uniformity ensures your company and app’s philosophy and goals are clear and through repetition guarantees your keywords and phrases become associated with your brand. It is important to dedicate ample time to developing your venture’s purpose and vision; once solidified keep the language the same across all of your internal and external-facing entities including your website, social media channels, investor decks and press kits.
  4. Author a blog – Regular updates on topics related to your core service elevates your profile as an industry expert and builds credibility in your space. Write interesting content that draws people to your website and makes them want to return for more. Your company’s website or Medium are two excellent locations for blog content that will build your reputation among peers, consumers and the media.
  5. Promote, promote, promote – Promote your venture vigorously, especially in its early stages, by using a variety of online channels. Whether it be tweeting, blogging or snapchatting, get your name out there and participate in relevant conversations. Include links to your app website, blog and social media channels wherever you can – but make sure to use discretion and walk the fine line between over promotional and informative. If you push too hard it will feel like a sale and turn people off. Authenticity is key and it is important to maintain that in order to keep others from tuning you out.
  6. Apply for awards – There are many organizations that review and recognize new, innovative apps for functionality, design and more. Research awards online and apply for those that are a good fit, that you are a viable contender for and that also provide significant credibility. Many award programs require payment to participate, so it is important to consider how you will be able to leverage the win and whether or not the organization provides media outreach and opportunities if you bring home the gold. The Webby Awards and SxSW Interactive Innovation Awards are two we often recommend to clients, when appropriate. A win from either of these provides huge exposure to potential new users and partners, valuable feedback from judges and credibility that you are offering a solid product and/or service.  
  7. Host giveaways and contests – Create custom “swag” that reflects your brand voice and product or service and give it away during a digital contest or physical event. Encourage users to download or share your app for the chance to win and ask them to use contest-specific hashtags. Reward the winners publically on the app’s social media channels by tagging them. There are few marketing tools as persuasive as word-of-mouth!
  8. Develop a strong app store optimization (ASO) strategy – ASO is your app’s fast lane to discoverability and you need to nail that. You can optimize features like your icon, title, description and screenshots in order to facilitate faster discovery on the app store. App Annie is a great ASO tool to measure, test and optimize your keywords to increase your app’s discoverability and boost downloads.
  9. Create company profiles on key industry directories – It’s important to create profiles on platforms like Product Hunt, crunchbase and AngelList as these all cater to a huge startup, entrepreneur and investor community as well as people interested in the latest and greatest in tech. It will help make your project more discoverable and your team and company more credible.
  10. Leverage the media – Press mentions aid in building brand awareness, credibility and can also help drive users to your site in a more rapid manner. Studies have proven that earned media builds more trust with your audience than paid advertising because it comes from an unbiased third party.

While there is no one way to ensure success, implementing some or all of the above will certainly give you leg up on the competition and will position you to hit the ground running on launch day.

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