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10 Quirky Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile App Development



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E-commerce has been an ever evolving concept in the world of internet. It began with simple transaction of goods and services through websites or blogs and then came the age of social media which boosted up marketing through online mediums. So much so, that it is no more confined to just desktops and laptops. Entrepreneurs are now using mobile phones and tablets as a tool to reach the audience, which in turn has augmented the scope of mobile application development.

With the consumers being on the move most of the time, you just cannot ignore the power of mobile apps to get more business. In fact, there are many businesses that run solely on the mobile apps. So if you do not want to fall behind your industry competitors (which I am sure you don’t), you should consider investing in a mobile application for your business. Well, if you are looking for more reasons that would convince you to invest in a mobile app then I have not just 4 or 5 but 10 motives which would be good enough for you.

  1. Swift and Portable

Trust me when I say that merely creating a good website won’t serve the purpose for your business. Mobile apps are designed primarily to offer usability to the customers. And if you can invest enough to get a custom app designed for your business that serves the needs of your consumers exclusively then you are certain to gain the trust and recognition by your audience.

  1. On the move Marketing

When you create a mobile application for your consumers, you provide them the convenience of reaching you at anytime, from anywhere. As they will use the app regularly, the recall value of your brand will increase which implies that they will come back to you every time they would require something being offered by your business.

  1. App acts as a Social Platform for You

It is definitely not latest news that people these days are obsessed with social media. And app developers are benefiting from this fascination by integrating the social media features such as “like”, “share” and “comment” in the mobile application. This would ensure that the time people spend on Twitter or Facebook can now be spent on your app as they will be share the products and discuss about them with their circle through social media connectivity of the app.

  1. Up gradation in Services and Sales

Mobile apps have brought a revolution in the manner in which business is conducted, that is, the way in which products and services are being sold and purchased. It has also brought a change in the perception and decision making process of the customer because he is now presented with more options and less influence by anybody around while taking a decision.

  1. Real-time Data Collection

Data capturing has become really important for businesses and having focused groups can prove to be quite expensive. Mobile apps let you track your customers’ preferences – services they are most interested in, the location they are ordering from the most and the way they are using the app. This data can thereafter be used to provide them personalized data.

  1. Interest Generation

Having a mobile app allows you to display your products and services in a convenient manner. You can customize more in the app by providing timely offers and surprises to you visitors or attracting them with a unique presentation, thus intriguing them to browse more and purchase.

  1. Carter to Personal Needs

With mobile apps, you can offers services to your customers based on the information that you gather about them. Whether it is their age group, interest areas, gender or location – you can use this information to provide them personalized services.

  1. Elimination of Time Barriers

The best thing about a mobile app is that it can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. There are no working hours when it comes to connection your customers with the services and products that they have to offer. You can truly live up to your promise of being 24*7 available for your customers by providing a mobile app for your business.

  1. Get Connected with Tech Savvy Generation

Youngsters use smart phones day and night literally. From connecting with friends and saving memories to shopping and surfing for information, smart phone seem to be there only resort. Thus, by having an app for your business, you can reach out to a wider audience.

  1. Convenient for both Businesses and Customers

Mobile apps have the ability to carter the needs of both you and your customers at the same time. If they allow you to increase your visibility and ensure brand loyalty, apps allow customers to get easy access to products and services with one touch reach.

Final Thoughts…

Mobile applications offer a lot more than just these 10 benefits. In fact, according to a few surveys it has been analyzed that push notifications have a read rate of 97% as against promotional mails which are read by merely 4% of audience. Develop your mobile app by top mobile app developers in India

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