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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring Android Development Companies

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring Android Development CompaniesIf you have a company and it does not have its own mobile app yet, you might be missing out on an important opportunity to raise revenue. Tablets and smartphones almost never leave a consumer’s hand. In the US alone, almost 120 million mobile phone owners make use of a retail or shopping app at least once in every month, revealed by a Nielsen study. Your potential profit stream could actually be one of these users.

If you are thinking about coming up with a mobile app that will enable your clients to purchase your products, or simply provide them with access to coupons, videos or product reviews, you need the services of expert Android development companies to do the job.

Here are ten important questions that you should ask the best Android development companies to assist you in choosing which one you should trust for the job:

1. What are some of the mobile apps that you have developed?

Qualified companies should be able to give you a list of some of the apps which they have personally created or helped in developing, coupled with the link to Google’s app store or Google Play.

In this way, you will see that candidates are eager to provide you with a gauge by which you could judge their experience and skills, together with making you understand the vision that they have for the kind of app that you want to build. In deciding which development company you should hire, choose the one who has the same perception and insight as you. This will help you avoid any type of conflict in the long run, which might lead to the non-completion or inferior quality of the application.

2. May I know about your past and present clients?

Contrary to reading the credits after a movie, there is generally no way for you to know who has created an app. This is the reason why endeavoring to know the former and current clients of Android development companies is essential to checking if the candidates actually developed the app which they claim to have made.

Checking on a developer’s references will also provide you with an opportunity to find out if the potential creator is responsive, reliable and results-oriented. For instance, you can ask past clients whether the app developer can deliver on time, within the limits imposed by a specific budget, and if they work well when under pressure.

However, you should also be wary that there are people who offer references favorable to them. Before hiring any of the best Android development companies out there, it is recommended that you visit their LinkedIn profile to check your mutual connections. If you have co-workers or professional colleagues in common, feel free to contact them and inquire into their impression on the developer’s work ethic, capabilities and experience.

3. What smartphone are you using?

Although this may seem like a totally unrelated question, the answer to it can actually give you an overview into how knowledgeable and passionate a candidate is when it comes to certain mobile platforms. According to Xtreme Labs vice president of engineering, Farhan Thawar, if a person claims to be able to build an application for an iPhone, then he should also have an iPhone with him, so that he could test out the apps that he is building and also check out what other people have come up with.

This question is also crucial because it allows you to know how advanced a developer’s knowledge is. Since you want an Android app, your creator should be aware of the latest trends when it comes to Android users and consumers.

4. How much money can I make with my app and how do I go about it?

If your main goal is focused on income generation, make sure that your app developer knows about this in order for him to build features that will help you reach your goal. You may go with a pay-per-download model, which charges about $0.99 to $3.99, depending on the features of your mobile app.

You also have the option of coming up with a free app, which is why you should make sure that your app developer knows how to consolidate in-app purchases, paid subscription servicing and mobile display promotions.

Lay everything out with the developer, before actually committing to the project. Make sure that the tiniest details are clarified and ironed out, especially when it comes to the purpose of the app. Since revenue is on top of the list, you need to be enlightened on the ways in which you could go about receiving the returns of your investment.

5. How can I communicate with you while everything is in development?

Keep in mind that the quality of your app will also depend on how often and how clearly you get to communicate with the Android development companies, as you can make them understand the functionality requirements that your app needs.

Does the app developer prefer talking on the phone, through e-mail, Skype, or in person? How often should you contact him and will status updates be provided? Does the creator prefer interacting using a task and project management system like Basecamp?

As with any other kind of relationship, communication is regarded as key when it comes to app development. As the person who commissioned a mobile app to be built, you need to let the developer understand that there are specific things that should not be compromised. Set deadlines and parameters clearly, and require regular updates if need be.

6. What are the features that you can make?

With the number of apps floating around Android’s Play Store, the only way to grab the attention of consumers is to come up with useful and innovative features. Think about your target audience and figure out the whistles and bells that you would like to sound. After which, you should asses the capabilities of your developer through Android development company reviews. For instance, will they be able to handle social network sharing, product coupons incorporation, GPS check-ins, location services or 3D gaming?

7. Who will own the app?

According to author and CEO of App Empire, Chad Mureta, the company or individual who paid for the creation of the mobile app should be deemed as the owner of the finished product. To make sure that you are indeed the owner of the rights to the app, make the developer sign a “work for hire” or “copyright assignment” agreement. The said documents should embody a confidentiality agreement and must indicate that the consignor should own the content, source code and design of the app.

8. How should the app be tested?

The most effective way to test an app is to run it on the Android phone which it will be installed on. Android development companies should be able to offer you with an explanation on how a beta test is to be conducted, avoiding any kind of glitches. If there are indeed any bugs, how should the candidate developer address them? How quickly can they be solved and how can we avoid running into the same issues in the future?

The testing process of an app should always be underscored because this is the time to witness how the app is up and running. At this point, you should be able to look at it from a user or consumer’s point of view. Which things make you uncomfortable? Are there specific items that need to be improved on?

9. Will the mobile app be submitted to stores?

Once you have already approved the tested version of the mobile app, the next thing that you should do is to ask the developer to submit it to Android’s Play Store for approval and eventual selling. Keep in mind that the submission process is normally a multi-step and long method, so make sure that the developers knows how to navigate through it.

10. What are the payments terms and how much is the fee?

In the aforementioned written contract that you should ask Android development companies to sign, see to it that you have specified how much you should pay the creator. Aside from that, decide on whether you will go for a flat or by the hour fee. According to Mureta, most developers opt for a one-time payment upfront. There are also others who require a certain amount to be deposited at the beginning of the project, almost always up to 50 percent of the estimated cost, and the balance to be paid upon completion of the app.

Do you want to be a part of the smartphone and tablet revolution? If you want to hire the best Android development companies, the number one tip is to never rush. Take all the time that you need before deploying an app developer for your project. Before doing anything, make sure that you have all the responses and answers that you want, especially when it comes to the pertinent questions enumerated above. Head on over to the website and check out the list of Android app development companies to find the best one that will suit your needs.

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