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10 iPhone App Development Firms and What Customers Say About Them

10 iPhone App Development Firms and What Customers Say About Them

There are best iPhone application development agencies that you could hire to create and develop apps for your business. Nonetheless, you still have to consider learning how they do it. An iPhone application development agency uses tools to create apps for easy enterprise usage.

Tools for iPhone app development will make it possible for your software to be published in App Store and other platforms available. The app developer for Android may be different from Apple for the latter’s focus is on higher quality products for consumers. In addition, there are tweaks that will only work in Apple and a more mature development studio is used for IOS developments.

Get to Know Why You Need iOS App Development for Business

Before you consider checking out reviews of iPhone application development agencies, you have to know why it is advantageous to have an iOS app for your business. You should have a reason to suppose that your business has to be in trend.

For a refresher, iOS app download statistics shows that there are 25 billion downloads last year. Age group that consumes most time on apps every month is from 18 to 24 years old. This age group spends 90.6 hours on smartphone apps and 34.7 on tablet apps. Comparing to tablet app users, 78 percent of people prefer the use of mobile apps.

In other words, people are slowly depending or shifting on mobile apps for social networking, getting information, purchasing items, and locating businesses among others.

If your business has no iOS app yet, these are reasons that may enforce you to hire an iPhone app development agency. Primarily, you will get more paying clients with an enterprise iPhone app. No matter how encompassing Android app is, Apple still covers clients with higher paying capacity.

The open source origination of Android is one of the reasons why people prefer paying via iOS app. In addition, the average value of an application for Android is $3.79, whereas an iOS app is only $2.01. Surprising it may seem, but this only proves why Apple has a wider customer base that pays more.

You do not have to worry about attracting customers with an iOS app for business marketing. The feel and aesthetics of iOS app are always praiseworthy for it is straightforward and intuitive. The apps in Apple gadgets are also more enjoyable to use. If you will give your consumers desirable-to-use features, you would definitely have higher chances of boosting corporate sales.

For business growth, you also have to widen your geographical reach. With an iOS app, you could participate in the developed countries’ markets. iPhone is particularly known in United Kingdom and United States. If it is your dream to expand to the West, an app may do the work for you. You will not simply achieve higher sales but build a name in the market for long-term opportunities.

These are only a few of what an iOS app could do for your business. Since you have concrete idea of how iPhone or iOS app benefits an enterprise, you could proceed into identifying the top trusted firms responsible for developing these apps.

Top 10 Firms Behind the Development of Business iPhone Apps

The growth of iOS app family continues and people tend to appreciate what Apple offers constantly. Black Friday is one of the holidays that mark the best holiday deals on Apple products and accessories. One of the highlights of the season is the rise of apps that will help people track deals and sales throughout the Black Friday for convenience.

Similar to any Apple app, the software may be designed streamlining the strategies applied by these top 10 iPhone app development firms:

Sourcebits: A Large-Scale Tool for Small and Global Business Apps

Sourcebits is one of the world-class products company, which had achieved more than 350 million downloads and $1.2 billion of acquirements. According to its positive reviews, the mobile app developer was appreciated for its available approach on small-scale company apps. In addition, the team managing the tool has a high level of helpfulness for its clients. The company encompasses full-service package, such as development, design, marketing, analytics, and maintenance.

Out of all its positives, most of the clients do not have any complaints with regards to the company’s services.

Enterra for Diverse Tools of Mobile Application Testing

Enterra is known for offering diverse options and features in developing iPhone apps. It is also one of the leading Russian software development companies. The positive reviews of the iPhone app development firm center on how they could handle large-scale projects effectively. The team is also reliable in terms of applying several revisions simultaneously. The technical support and consultation are also praiseworthy for the team is highly creative and professional.

You will only encounter negatives if you do not give the team an idea of what you really want. Delays may also happen, but the team will inform beforehand.

Appetizer Mobile LLC for

Appetizer Mobile LLC is one of the award-winning agencies that could provide your company an effective app for higher sales and better marketing. According to its customer reviews, the team is highly commended for its creativity and high level of interaction with customers. The experts could fix issues quickly and there are no complaints to report with their programmed apps, either in front-end or back-end.

The firm tends to be more inclined to game development and more advanced software projects. In addition, it is not listed in the Better Business Bureau.

Mobiloitte: Custom App Development Partner for Any Apple Gadget

Mobiloitte is one of the recommendable companies if you are looking for an app to sell your products or services. It offers apps at best prices. Furthermore, you could anticipate that the design of its app offers the contemporary feel for better marketing. Mobiloitte team is also admirable in following stringent guidelines in clients communication.

The downside of the firm is its record of delays. Moreover, meeting with the team may take more time for they prefer detailed explanation of what you need.

Intellectsoft for Both Web and Mobile Applications Development

Intellectsoft is a full-service partner if you want to develop and maintain your mobile application. The team of programmers received positive feedbacks in terms of flexibility and resistance to complex projects. Furthermore, the company sustains transparency, strong communication, and efficient delivery of work with its clients.

One negative feedback given by a client is Intellectsoft’s absence in the Better Business Bureau list.  According to the client, being listed in the bureau is an advantage to perk up a company’s credibility. Some people tend to contact firms in the list more than those that are not included.

Nine Hertz for App and Web Development With SEO

Nine Hertz is one of the global IT companies that focus on latest technologies in developing websites, mobile apps, open source software, Microsoft application, and digital marketing solutions. Its team of experts received positive reviews on how they could communicate well during project development period. The members also have good English skills, which is advantageous in maintaining seamless communication.

At present, there are no negative reviews with the projects launched by Nine Hertz or in its wide range of services.

Icreon for Enterprise-Grade and Fast-Paced Projects

Icreon is known for its claim that the management helps businesses become stronger in the market. Through its IT systems, you could make your business competitive and stand out without the risks of outdated business solutions. The previous clients of the firm found it outstanding in applying latest technologies and better facilities.

Nonetheless, the firm is reported for having team members that have very limited functionalities and industry knowledge. In addition, some of its applied processes tend to be unorganized.

Konstant Infosolutions (P) Ltd. for a Large Team of Proficient Developers

Konstant Infosolutions (P) Ltd has been known for developing apps for most iconic brands, such as Citrix, Nestle, Scholastic, and Seconds among others. The team of programmers was assessed positively due to how clearly and straightforward they communicate with clients. The members of the firm also prove effective for they have strong backend development experience.

One of the negatives Konstant Infosolutions received is the extended project development duration. Furthermore, the budget you may need for the company is relatively high.

Clavax Technologies to Achieve Quantifiable Business Targets

Clavax Technologies boasts completing IT projects with high-end customers. It also has a strong team of over 200 professionals. These may be the reasons why the firm received high ratings for consistency, responsiveness, client service, and overcoming minor and major project troubles.

Currently, there are no negative feedbacks on the company’s services or project results.

Blue Whale Apps for Resolute App Development Support

Blue Whale Apps is highly praised for its great knowledge in creating Apple apps. The firm is also known for developing apps that are simple yet functional. The team of experts could change the client’s initial concept to something better.

Presently, most of its clients provided positive feedbacks and zero dissatisfactory hints.

The top 10 firms will give you easier leeway to boost your business sales while taking advantage of the next leap in corporate marketing – mobile app development. Nonetheless, could introduce more firms with in-depth assessment by checking out its reviews of iPhone app development companies.

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