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10 Free and Open Source Most Used Project Management Software

10 Free and Open Source Most Used Project Management Software

Trying to control projects without the use of any software for project management may quickly lead to a disaster. Even with all of the best strategies and intentions, a wrong move may quickly destroy months and years of work, and with just a wrong step, it can lead the small-business to a great disaster. Cultivating those projects that have gone so bad may be a satisfying task—particularly when you need to pay big amount of money just to make it. But you don’t have to worry anymore because small enterprises have a lot of effective options for establishing their business projects from nothing. And the greatest part this is all of the effective options provided are offered for free. The famous entrepreneurs have collected a perfect list of the best software applications for project management that is free, but it depends on the size of the business you have; these solutions software cost nothing.

Why would you prefer postpaid or software that is very expensive to make the management of projects in your business easier if there are free ones? As a growing business, you should use all the possible software that you can use to lessen your work. But before you pick one, you should know first what a project management software is, when will you use it, and how will you use it.

What Is Project Management?

Projects are temporary in a business. Because they are temporary, they have defined starting dates and deadlines and also, a defined resources and scope.

A project is exclusive for it’s not a repetitive operation because it is a specific group of processes designed to achieve a single business goal. So, therefore, a team working on a project often joins people who do not usually work in one company – sometimes they are working for different companies and are across numerous geographies.

The improvement of PM software tools for a better process in business, the bridge or building construction, the assistance after a disaster, and the growth of sales to a new geographical market are all kinds of project.

And everything must be professionally managed to be delivered on or before the deadline. The results must fit within the allotted budget, data must be integrated, and the company must have acknowledged the project.

Project management, therefore, is the use of tools, skills, techniques, and knowledge to any project that works to achieve the requirements of a project. It is used in any form of business because it is the only way to make things easier. Projects are the blood of most of the companies; therefore, the quality of your outputs may vary with your incomes or revenues. So the main purpose of project management is to direct you to a successful career.

The Use of a Project Management Software

Consider a company bereft of a proper protocol for management. Every problem in the task lifecycle can be a possible cause of a big trouble. The Ad hoc repairs are used without much apprehension for incomes. The timetable of your project has been destroyed because all your attention is directed at fixing all the damage in your company. The time for delivery always falters, undermining a client’s faith in the business.

According to Carnegie Mellon,if organizations use project management tool, they will improve and the metrics of their key performance significantly increase. Arranging adherence increases 50%, and the output can increase by more than 60%.

Most modern organizations today say that success from any initiative of using project management will be secured by the software they utilize. For finance and info hard positions, MS spreadsheet still has an incredible cost. But for concentrating in one area and sharing data, fostering teamwork, and tracking output, the use of MS spreadsheet is likely limited.

That is why software for project management has developed so famously over the past 10 years. Businesses need to increase their reporting and operations with instinctive tools.

Using the right recipe of procedures and the tools you will use, project management may stimulate significant operational and cultural changes that may boost your company forward.

Top 10 Software

The following software is specially made for managing projects of a company. This will aid its user to connect with other members of the team, and it will also enable the leader to monitor the progress of each member in their projects using this software. Some of the top free project management software is listed below.

10. Harvest

If you are concerned about time tracking your employees, you must start with Harvest. This method is best for reporting and project managements that are resource-based. What is even good is it has a billing system, so you can charge your customers with just a button click. The version available for free is absolutely made for solo entrepreneurs, though the software only permits a single user, four clients, and two projects. From here, the pricing gauges up from $12 per month for limitless projects and clients.

9. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects will let you take as many clients as you would like, and separately from 10 MB boundary on your storage, it does not have any limits on its function in its free version. Consumers have the choice to upgrade the software for $20 a month.

8. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 software is a system for project management that is completely free for 12 users and below, with a choice to upgrade for not more than $99 a month. BaseCamp is the rival of Bitrix24 because of its features. Bitrix24 will never let you down because of its features better than BaseCamp.

7. Trello

Trello uses a technique called Kanban, a system for project management that is highly advanced by a previous vice president of Toyota, Mr. Taiichi Ohno, which permits users to relocate cards, volunteer of tasks, make a visual symbol, or report of the development and progress of the project.

Trello offers limitless projects and users, but only gives 10MB of free storage for their free software version. Luckily, it is so easy to receive Trello Gold. You will just find a fresh user of the software and share it, and you will be granted 250MB worth of free storage for 1 year.

6. 2-Plan Software for Project Management

From the excess of open-source software, 2-Plan stands out. The system has three symbiotic programs that are all free.

  • 2-Plan Desktop – it is a system for project management.
  • 2-Plan Team – it is a project management tool based on the web with numerous hosting choices.
  • Work 2-gether – it is a crowd-based task board management for single-team projects.

All of the said choices above are offered for free; however, you can choose additional extensions, but you have to pay for it.

5. Asana

According to 400,000 users and 140,000 customers of Asana, it is one of the best popular apps for project management available online, and the greatest fact of all is that it is offered for free up to 15 loyal users. Over 10,000 businesses try using Asana throughout the year.

4. MeisterTask

The most progressive companies have discovered MeisterTask when they tried to look up for alternative free tools for project management, and it is a good thing to find out. It offers limitless projects and users and has native applications for both iPad and iPhone. MeisterTask will never bring you down in terms of managing the distribution of projects and tasks.

3. GanttProject

GanttProject is an additional open-source project management and scheduling tool offered for free. Reviewers have associated this heavy-hitting app to MS Project, and they are both in rapports of features and complexity offered. This system could generate PERT and Gantt charts, produce documentations in PDF and HTML formats, and give versatile arrangement and tools for time management.

2. Orange Scrum

Orange Scrum gives the greatest locally-hosted, free software for project management for groups of IT. It offers the base work for development for agile software and management for resources. The on-premise version costs nothing while the version by cloud (which is certainly far more sustained) starts at $9 per month.

1. Freedcamp

Freedcamp offers the following:

  1. Limitless users
  2. Limitless projects
  3. Beautiful design.
  4. Countless functions.
  5. Enhanced communication.
  6. Kanban or tasks according to your choice.
  7. 200 MB free storage–upgrade up to 1GB worth of storage for only $2.49 per month.

Freedcamp has really earned its no. 1 slot on the list.

According to Scoro, when it is about managing projects of your company, invoices, and clients, you choose to reach to a certain point in which you may start saying to yourself “hey, perhaps I need a thing to monitor all of the projects of my company in a single system.” That would positively be more ordered and easier. Some people do not think about this fact right away, which becomes the reason why we have collected a list of outstanding project management software for free.

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