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10 Brand Mentions Platforms for Deep Insights to What People Think About Your Business

Technology is taking over the world making traditional marketing a thing of the past. It’s now possible for consumers and product providers to interact directly via internet making online reputation marketing a must have. Mentioning your product on online platforms provides a unique opportunity to measure how the product is perceived in the marketplace and its reputation. Have a clear look into it.

Reputation Management Audit

Managing your online reputation doesn’t just involve fixing the negative issues that may happen when you business receives bad reviews, or there’s been a negative SEO hit campaign placed against your website.  Implementing reputation management solutions for your business is like installing your own public relations team, as well as a marketing team to ensure you are showcasing your best and delivering your marketing message in a persuasive way.

10 Brand Mentions Platforms for Deep Insights to What People Think About Your Business


Before you start the audit there some few questions you need to ask yourself. These questions will help you develop goals for your reputation management audit.

  • Ask yourself how you want your brand to be viewed.
  • The type of customers you want to reach.
  • The specifics online actions you want to be taken by customers.
  • The areas you would like to find mentions of your brand online.
  • Conducting The Audit

After realizing what you want to achieve with your reputation audit, now you can get started. Here are the steps you will follow.

Depending on what your company deals with, check reviews sites that are relevant to what your business is all about? Firms that deals with physical products, you can check Amazon, Google Shopping, and other retail shopping. If you see any negative review, respond immediately and make clarifications.

Using sentiment analysis tools, monitor your social media presence. It reduces the time spent when using branded keywords. The tools make it possible to get a quick feel on how your brand is discussed online.

Using similar sites such as Klout and PeerIndex you can quantify industry figures to determine where you stand compared to your peers and also help spot potential areas for branding.

Having Google Alerts is necessary. You can also google your company name, brand name and d the names of your business’s executives to identify bad press. Negative mentions can negatively influence the perceptions of customers on your company.

Take a look at the number of your web visitors, socials shares, YouTube views and any other web metrics that are necessary to your business. If you had a successful branding, the views and shares should be increasing. If the data are decreasing, probably there are negative brand mention that is affecting your company’s name in the marketplace.

Post Audit Follow-Up 

The analysis offers a comprehensive overview of how good your brand is viewed within the industry and across the consumer.

If the reputation audit is good, that’s good. You may consider setting up a recurring calendar to review as bad press may pop up anytime. The review may occur 1-3 weeks to address the company’s reputation.

Company Brand Newsrooms 

There is a growing movement towards brand newsroom due to the failure of traditional marketing departments to produce quality assets on the fly.

It creates an audience-centric that inform and entertain at the same time adding value and competencies to the brand.

One of the main benefits of a brand newsroom is the ability to move content from conception to creation very quickly.

A successful brand newsroom is one that offers efficiency and quality thus enhancing value and increasing relevancy to the audience hence enhancing your online reputation marketing.

Brand Mentions More Powerful Than Links

Google refers to remarks as implied links showing how strong their idea of links are everything is. They have emphasized the value of links over an over as they see mentions being a sign of popularity. But it’s easier to measure brand mentions as it does not require fancy technology. Thus according to Google Links are still stronger than brand mentions.

How To Use Social Media For Good Causes & Cause Related Marketing Campaigns

Brand Mentions Platform


Uploading your brand videos on YouTube may provide an opportunity to measure how your brand is being perceived in the marketplace judging from the number of viewss.


It’s another social network platform that you should consider mentioning your name due to the large population of people who use Facebook. The number of likes, shares, and comment, will help determine your brand reputation in the market.


Many people use Twitter today, consider mentioning your brand in this platform as it provides a chance for you to find the customers’ expectations, positive and negative reviews and a chance to see what people think of your product.

Looking for an immediate way to learn about your product new mentions? At Awario they let you know when important conversations surface online as it crawls around 13 billion web pages daily.

Google Alerts

Want to get notifications every time Google finds results topic that surrounds your product? Google Alerts provides an opportunity to monitor the web for interesting new contents, mention of your competitors, yourself and even your brand.


Want to track mention on various languages? Mention make it possible. It helps you to be on top of your brand mention on social networks, web pages, and blogs.


Want to discover what people are saying online in real time to increase online reputation marketing? Brand24 gives you update as they unfold from different social networks and web pages.


Want to cover multiple social networks on your brand mention? It offers an opportunity to various socials networks such as Facebook, twitter, and google+.


Looking to see what content is working well and who are the influencers of your product? It quickly identifies what content is working well in an industry offering the much-needed insight to your product.


Want to monitor all your business data from one place? It’s an all-around activity monitoring tool that makes it possible to track data from a location.

Social Mention

Want to monitor over one hundred social media sites? It analyses data in depth at the same time measuring influences.


Do you want to measure your competitors and your social media presence? It breaks down various social media platforms into scores allowing you to see which social media site work best for your business.


Do you want to analyze social data and metrics? It offers you an opportunity to compare data from various social media sites including your competitor’s data.

Local Brand SEO Strategies

SEO are one of the key components for anyone who wants their products to be national and global leaders. It builds influence, awareness and reputation of your brand.

Identifying Top Markets

Examining search demands of keywords related to your brand in different geographical areas for those who lack clarity on which global markets present an excellent opportunity to their business.

By using examples from of a search for the word SEO services, you can study the search demands in different countries and see where more people are seeking your product.

Another method to determine where there are more searches for your product is to look at where your current customers and the web traffics are coming from. Using monitoring tools such as Google Alerts, one can easily see which countries and cities most searches and conversions are coming from. You can use this to focus on where there is more demand for your product.

Search Engines to Watch

Understanding which search engines to focus on is the first step to achieving global performance. In the United States, Google is the market leader and command a market share of 90% globally.

Focusing on other search engines is also important as some regions they are more popular compared to Google. In China, with a leading consumer base of 500 million people, Baidu is the leading search engine with a market share of 76%, and Yandex commands 62% in Russia.

Geo- Targeting Web Properties

You can set up specific contents according to specific regions on different domains, subdomains and subdirectories as this will make it easy for search engines to understand what areas specific contents are targeted to thus enhancing your online reputation marketing.

Geo-targeting Content

It’s important to write contents targeting specific areas as it’s likely that areas that speak the same language have different dialects. You can include addresses, phone numbers, and local currencies as this will make users feel comfortable with messaging that is familiar to them.

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