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10 Best and Most Essential Magento Extensions

Magneto is a great tool for ecommerce website; however, there are multiple needs that Magento does not cater to. Magento extension development has a huge market because of this. There are many extensions available for these needs.


All you need to do is list down your requirements and choose the appropriate extension. In this article, some of the best and popular Magento extensions will be covered in detail. These are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. AddShoppers: This smart extension is an ace in influence marketing which targets certain influential individuals rather than an entire market.
  2. Ajax Cart Pro: As the name suggests, this extension provides solutions related to cart. It has features where customers can easily add and remove products from their cart without reloading or refreshing. It supports multiple stores and multiple languages.
  3. Blog: This extension enables you to make your website an SEO friendly website. It creates a hype for your website by increasing its ranking in search engine results. This is also a free extension.
  4. Bronto: This extension takes care of your marketing worries and also offers personalized experience to customers. It keeps track of previous orders, items in wish list, etc. and helps send sensible reminders and e-mails to customers.
  5. MatrixRate: This extension is absolutely free and takes care of one of the core aspects of online shopping portal—shipping. Because shipping rates vary from product to product and are also based on the place where it needs to be shipped, this extension is really useful. It takes care of the variables involved in computing the shipping cost.
  6. Nitrogento: This is another useful extension which takes care of the loading troubles that your site pages might be having. It is an expensive extension but is a crucial one if your site has loading issues.
  7. Optimizely: This extension is a very user-friendly and enables users to compare two versions of the pages. All you need to do is drag and drop a feature from one page to another and you are good to go.
  8. TriggMine: This extension help in e-mail marketing by analysing a customer’s pattern on your website and sharing e-mails with the customer. When the customer visits the website through the link in the website, TriggMine collates that data and also the revenue generated from that and provides an insight into the sales triggered by this extension.
  9. Yotpo: This is a very popular extension that takes care of the reviews published on your website. It helps filter out the relevant reviews by providing an option that will show reviews based on the ratings.
  10. Zendesk: This extension provides support by streamlining your customer support. It is not a free extension but the services it offers are quite cheap in comparison to what it costs.

There is a great demand for Magento extension development because the extensions offer a lot of unique and important features which are missing in Magento. These extensions serve a great purpose and only a few have been named here. There are lot more to explore!

James Warner

James Warner

Magento Certified Developer at NexSoftSys
James Warner – Highly skilled, experienced and Sr Magento Certified Developer at NexSoftSys. James has worked with healthcare, telecommunication and banking sector and delivers complete solutions as per client demand. He has expert in Magento customization and bright technology knowledge to develop IT business system which includes user friendly access and advanced features.
James Warner

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